Monday, May 6, 2013

Vacation Recap // Back to Blogging

Some dear friends of ours visited us on the island this past week, so I took a little blogging hiatus. It was super nice to be 'offline' for a week or so. I tried not to be on Facebook or Instagram as much while they were here either, (I said as much...I'm not sure I could even try to abstain from social networks completely....)
Anyway, as much as I love blogging, it was really nice & really refreshing to have a break! 
We did lots of road-tripping around the island, tons of time at the beach, playing with the boys, and just spending some quality time together. 

Here's a quick photo recap:

 We had a get together the first weekend they were here--turns out I know quite a few people with babies....


  1. Angie, what did you do to get your bod back after baby Liam? You look great!!

    1. Oh, and where is your swimsuit from? It's super cute! :)

    2. Hey Stephanie--
      Thanks! That's sweet. Honestly, I think breastfeeding helped, but also I think it has a lot to do with genetics for me. My mother is pretty small, and I've always been very small-framed.
      We also try to always eat pretty healthy as a lifestyle. I don't cut anything out of my diet completely, but I just try to eat well-rounded meals and only have high-fat, fried, or generally unhealthy foods in moderation.
      My swimsuit is from Victoria's Secret last season :)