Wednesday, May 8, 2013

6 month baby faves

I meant to post this a few weeks ago when Liam actually turned 6 months old.
Then Life Happened.

I try to make my own baby food as often as possible, and these things have come in very handy. Each one is 2 oz, perfect size to just grab out a few for dinner. The lids snap on nice & tight so they work great for freezing, and they come with a little tray for easier organization.

The husband actually came home with this one night and I couldn't get over how genius it was! We only have one tub in our house, and I just really can't. Stand. Clutter. AT ALL! So this is awesome. It suctions to the side of the shower wall and holds all of Liam's bath toys. They're easily accessible, but still out of the way.

A friend actually gave us this as a hand-me-down right after we had Liam and at a little after 5 months we finally broke it out. He really took to it! It's got all sorts of buttons to push and he seems to have a lot of fun messing with it. I'm not sure how good of a 'walker' it will be though--it seems really lightweight and I think it'll tip over easily, but with supervision it'll work great.

4. Oranges...Apples...
I've learned that a lot of 'toys' Liam likes best aren't toys at all but just basic household items. (If you have a baby, I'm sure you'll agree! Keys...iPhone...Laptop...Cup of coffee...their favorite toys are things they can't have....) Anyway, I was getting Liam's dinner ready one night and he was NOT interested in waiting any amount of time to eat. The fruit bowl was right there so I grabbed an orange and put it on his highchair tray. He quieted down & it kept him entertained until I was ready to feed him. Now we almost always give him fruit to play with when we're at the table and he's not eating.

This definitely isn't a 'must-have', just a 'nice to have'. If you're a germ-a-phobe than it's probably a must-have for you. I'm personally not too too much of a germ-a-phobe, but when it comes to shopping carts & especially high chairs, I just get a little grossed out. Ew, who knows what's been on there. And Liam, like every other baby, WILL be putting his mouth all over the shopping cart handle and the edge of a public highchair. One thing I really like about this particular cover is that it's got toys attached, and little loops to attach your own toys, plus a tether to attach a sippy cup.

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