Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend + Meal Planning...Tuesday?

Happy Monday! Err...Tuesday! 
Long weekends always do that to me. 
Only 4 days this week--YAY!
Sorry I was a slacker on blogging last week...I seriously have a list of posts I'm dying to do. There's this little thing called 'time' that I always seem to run out of though...
In addition to that small glitch, I was stricken down with Mastitis last week. (Yes, I said stricken.) Of course, they couldn't squeeze me in for a same day appointment, and I wanted antibiotics right away, so I spent 7 hours at the ER. 
BUT! Thankfully that was worth it, the drugs kicked in quickly and I felt so much better w/in 12 hours. 
Anyway, since I've officially had every possible problem you can have with breastfeeding, (thrush, plugged ducts, milk blisters, blah blah blah) someday I'll do a blog post about them all. Someday! When someone gifts me some of that 'time' earlier spoken of.

So. In other news, how was your long weekend?!
Ours was fantastic! We spent some time on a boat, a few days at the beach, BBQ'd a couple times, shopped for baby gates, and just relaxed!
But now that the week has started again, it's back to our routine and back to cookin!
Here's what we're havin this week!

These are yummy and pretty quick. 
As far as baked sweet potatoes--my absolute FAVORITE side. So easy, so good for you.
I just bake it like a normal potato, but it usually takes longer. 

*Pre-heat oven to 400
*Wash potatoes
*Wrap in foil
*Stab several times 
*Bake for about an hour, or until fork tender

I've raved about this before. Another FAVE! Yummy, delicious, good, nom nom. 
Lots of veggies, and of course, I use sweet potatoes instead of regular. 
Whip up some biscuits (And by whip up, I do mean....use the canned ones. CHEATER!)
And maybe a salad on the side. 

Yet another Pinterest find that has become a regular. By far my favorite 'stir-fry, chinese night' recipe. I always add fresh broccoli and serve over brown rice. 

I have not made these yet, but they look yummy!
Does anybody have any good side ideas for mexican night? I always have a hard time coming up with a veggie.... do refried beans count?

Another one that I haven't tried, but it looks awesome!!

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Hahahaha I always have a hard time with veggies for Mexican food it doesn't seem like us Mexicans eat lots of veggies but I would do a small salad? That's what they give at restaurants haha at my house I just make beans and eat extra veggies for lunch :)