Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monthly Beauty Faves

I hope you're having a good May! 
I discovered some fun new products this month that made it to my 'favorites' list.

This is a type of product that I probably never would have bought myself, but Keith won them at a baby shower. Since he hasn't painted his nails in months, he gave them to me. They are awesome!! So much easier than getting out the bottle of nail polish remover & cotton balls. One pad takes off all of my nail polish. 
I'm not sure of the price on these since they're not sold on the website, but you can find them at any Target.

Eos lip balms go on very smoothly, have an SPF 15 and are all-natural.
I've always loved them, and then I tried the mint flavor. It leaves your lips a little tingly, and works as a breath freshener too!

A friend recommended this to me and I'm so glad I tried it!
It's a great alternative to using a heavier foundation. It goes on super light, but provides a good, medium coverage. It really evens out your skin tone, and moisturizes as well. No 'cakey' makeup feel at all, and the price is fantastic!

This stuff smells. Seriously. Amazing. I bought the little roller ball and it's the perfume that I always carry in my purse because it's just the right size. 


  1. I love the idea of the nail polish remover pads. Never tried them but now I just might!

  2. I got the L'oreal bb cream and it works like a charm. I hated the heavy cakey makeup but I love this stuff. I am going to continue using it. Thank you for the recommendation :)