Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Favorite Beauty Products

I have always always always loooved makeup! I love putting it on, experimenting with new looks, and especially buying and trying out new products. Before I had Liam, I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching various makeup gurus and visiting makeup blogs.

I signed up for Birchbox well over a year ago, and I've loved getting samples & new products in the mail each month. (If you don't get a Birchbox, it's amaazing! For 10$ a month, you get a box full of both samples and full-sized beauty products customized to your own beauty profile) Some of the products I've gotten have become staples in my daily beauty routine.

I thought I would share my favorite beauty products with you! Some from Birchbox, some just from discoveries I've made, these have been part of my beauty routine for quite a while.

Even though I don't spend as much time on my makeup these days, I do try and put on some makeup every day. I think it's important to continue to do things you love after you have a baby, and it's especially important to feel great about yourself!

1. BeautyBlender - aka the makeup sponge from heaven. I got one of these amazing little pink eggs in a monthly BBox about 8 months ago and I've never looked back! My foundation looks virtually flawless when I use this-- almost like it's been airbrushed! No streaks, no blotches...It blends the makeup very evenly on my face--the egg shape makes it easy to blend into hard-to-reach places. I have used various different (Expensive!) foundation brushes in my day, and none hold a candle to the BeautyBlender. The sponges are about 25$ for a two-pack, and if you clean it frequently, one sponge could potentially last well over 6 months.

2. L'Oreal True Match Foundation - At about $10 a pop, this has been my favorite foundation for years. It's really blendable and smooth. It provides ample coverage but is still very light and doesn't really feel like you're wearing makeup. It's got sun protection as well--SPF 17. Super important to keep your skin young and healthy looking!

3. Revlon PhotoReady Concealer - Ahh Concealer! A mom's best friend. When it comes to something like concealer that I buy every couple months, I don't like to spend a ton. This is under 10$. I've tried lots of different concealers, and I've found many to be either too thick or too thin. I'm picky...I need it to be just the right consistency, and to provide ample coverage. This is perfect! It goes on somewhat heavy, and then blends in perfectly. It's available in 5 different shades.

4. Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer - For days when I don't need to put on a full-coverage foundation, this is perfect. It's got ample SPF protection (30, perfect for days at the beach) and has just a tint of color for light coverage. It's kind of spendy--about 17$, but I've had the same one for about a year.

5. Nars blush in Orgasm -  This blush gets rave reviews for a reason. Normally, I wouldn't spend 30$ on blush, but I put it on my Christmas list last year and my mom got it for me. LAST Christmas, as in 2011, and I still have about half of it left! So it's expensive, but it definitely lasts! It is the most perfect, peachy, natural-looking shade with just the right amount of shimmer.

6. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner -  I don't think I could find a more perfect eyeliner if I tried! This eyeliner is something that I actually got in a Birchbox several months ago, and I'll never switch again. It's a liquid eyeliner, but it doesn't come in one of those annoying pots that you have to dip the brush into. The liquid is all in the tube with the little applicator brush attached. It goes on really really smooth--not too 'liquidy'--and is really pigmented. The applicator is just thin enough and sturdy enough to do a great winged-liner look. The best part?! I live someplace humid...this doesn't 'sweat' off. It's not waterproof, so when you want it to wash off it washes easily, but I can rub my finger across it during the day and it does not smudge or smear at all.

7. L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara -  Mascara is another one of those things that needs replacing somewhat frequently, so I don't like to shell out more than I need to. Enter, L'Oreal Double Extend! I have tried many expensive mascaras. I honestly cannot tell one bit of difference between this 10$ tube and a $30 tube.  I've been using this Mascara for several years after Kandee Johnson, my favorite YouTube Makeup Guru, recommended it. It adds instant length and thickness, and doesn't clump or smudge. You don't have to use the base coat--often I just use the mascara alone and it looks great, but on days I want the extra oomf, I use the base coat.

8. Maybelline Baby Lips- I just recently started using Baby Lips in the last few months...How did I not know about it sooner?! It goes on like a chapstick, and is said to make your lips less visibly dry and more supple within four weeks. So far, I'm pleased. What I really love about it is the subtle splash of color you get. I am a lipstick girl, but I do not have the time to be putting on lipstick every day, let alone re-applying when it rubs off. This is perfect! It comes in 6 colors/scents...My favorite is 'cherry me' in the orange tube. :)

9. Stila Longwear Liquid Lip Color- Like a mentioned above...I am a lipstick person! I love a good splash of color on my lips. When I tried this for the first time, I was sold. It's kind of like a stain, kind of like a lipstick. It's super, super pigmented, so you literally need like, a drop to saturate your whole lips with color. It dries quickly and will stay on for hours, similar to a stain. I actually keep this in my diaper bag. When I forget to put on any lip color in the morning, I just throw on a smudge of this in the car and I'm good for the day. It's also my go-to lipstick for a night out. This stuff is kind of expensive-- 22$ a tube--but it will literally probably last until it dries out. I love them so much I have two! Caprice is my favorite shade, a fun hot pink, and I've got Petal as well, which is a bubble gum pink.

That's all for now! Though my makeup drawer is stocked to the brim, these are the products that get used the most by far.

What are some of your favorites? I'm always down to try something new!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 weeks of Liam

Happy 15 weeks handsome mister!

Hey Sweet Boy--

This week has been interesting, (as all of our weeks usually are!). It included a trip the the ER & a funny story we'll be able to tell forever. Thankfully you're happy & healthy as always.
However, the ER trip really threw off our sleeping schedule! We were there til after 1 a.m., and of course, you were awake the whole time, smiling at the Dr. So you haven't been wanting to go to bed until late, and sleeping in until late as well! You'd think I'd LOVE this, and I haven't been minding it terribly, but I just want you to be on a schedule that gets our day started a little earlier.
Tonight I finally think I got you back to normal...9:40 and you've been snoozing, so we shall see....

You're almost rolling over!  And by almost I mean...You roll to your side and then just lay there. Your dad saw you try to go further, but it scared you and you stopped. You will when you're ready. 
I think your favorite part of your day is seeing your daddy. When he gets home from work, you light up like a little glow worm. They're definitely some of my favorite smiles EVER!

Some other of my favorite smiles: When you see yourself in the mirror! I don't know if you're realizing it's you yet, but you look yourself right in the eye and SMILE giant smiles.

Our ER trip really got me to thinking about how thankful we are to have such a healthy boy.  We are blessed beyond measure in that we haven't had anything to really worry about yet.
You're our little treasure and it goes without saying that we don't want anything to happen to you ever!

your mama

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

Is it Friday again? Really? I feel like yesterday was last Friday.
I definitely need this dose of cuteness today!

Since we went to the beach Saturday, we had two outfits.
'Mommy's Explorer' Outfit-Carter's, bought at a consignment sale. 
Hat: The brand is 'Koala Kids', I think it was a hand me down.

And Saturday night:
T-Shirt: Carter's
Button-Down: Carter's
Jeans: These were a gift. They're Arizona Brand and I'm fairly certain they came from JCPenny.

 Handmade Onesie
Pants: Old Navy

 Onesie: Carter's 
Shorts: Children's Place, bought at yard sale

 Onesie: H&M
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy

 And thanks to a blowout, Tuesday needed a second outfit:

 Onesie: Faded Glory
Overalls: Genuine Baby from Oskosh Bgosh (Similar)
Shoes: Children's Place
 Hat: Janie & Jack (Similar)
[I don't shop at Janie & Jack often, but once in a while you can find a rad sale. I got this hat for like, 4$]
Onesie: Genuine Baby from Oskosh Bgosh (Similar)
Shorts: BabyGap

 Onesie: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
(If you look really closely, you can see that the left side of the outfit is soaked. Barf.)
Thursday #2:
 Romper: BabyGap, bought from an IG shop

Bowtie: Handmade by a friend
T-Shirt: Carter's
Yellow cords: BabyGap (Similar)

Have a fantastic weekend folks!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tips on flying with an infant

As promised, I've compiled some tips on flying with an infant based on what I learned. We had a total of six flights from Hawaii to North Carolina, two connections each way. Ideally, I'd have loved straight flights, but what can I say, they were cheap affordable, at best.
Keep in mind that Liam was two months old when we flew, so these tips are for an infant around the same age. We'll be flying again with him right after he turns one, and that'll be a whoollle new ballgame! 

1. Nurse (or bottle feed, or at least give a paci) during takeoff and landing to minimize any ear pain for baby.

2. Bring enough diapers!
Should go without saying, but two hours into one of our six-hour flights, the flight attendant walked up to us and asked if we had any to lend to someone who had run out. Like, completely run out, with four hours left! (We did have plenty extra, but not even close to the right size, his son was a year old!) I don't know if they ever found the man any. 
We packed about one for each hour of our trip. About 15 hours total, so I packed 15. Obviously much less if your trip is shorter or your child is older.

3. Don't bring diapers for the entire trip, just bring enough for the plane ride. Buy more when you get there. They have stores, I promise.

4. Bring enough wipes! (Obvi) I packed one of those travel refill packs, and that was plenty for our whole trip there.

5. Bring your own changing pad if you have one. (Maybe even get one for the occasion). I made a little fold up one myself using this tutorial that I carry with us everywhere. Sometimes it was really annoying to get up and wait in line at the lav on the plane to change a crying baby. It helped to have our own changing pad so that we could change him anywhere. (I even use it on the stations in the bathrooms because...well...ew!) Skip Hop also makes this cute one, and a lot of diaper bags come with one. Bring it!!!

6. To completely contradict my last several statements...pack light! As much as possible, that is. It's hard, I know, to pack lightly with an infant in tow. But assess your goods and ask yourself what you really need. I took my diaper bag and a small rolling carry-on to actually bring on the plane. Most of our 'extra' stuff-- extra diapers, wipes, blankets, & outfits--was in the rolling suitcase. Put the things you'll need easy access to on top of your diaper bag or in an exterior pocket--i.e., your id, boarding passes, a couple diapers, paci. Thankfully we didn't really need toys for Liam at that age, but we took one or two small ones just in case. (I don't have any fancy schmancy diaper bag. I just got one for 20$ from TJMaxx that has lots & lots of pockets & zippers!)

7. If you're breastfeeding--Breastfeed! Don't bring bottles of pumped milk. I loved the fact that I was exclusively breastfeeding when we flew. I didn't need any bottles, formula, a cooler, etc. If you need to bring a pump for your final destination, put it in your checked bag. If you are bottle feeding, bring only what you'll need for the flight, and put everything else in the checked bag as well. Don't forget your nursing cover if you typically use one!

8. Boppy? We had some people recommend bringing our boppy to put around our laps and let Liam sleep on it. We decided against it, for me it was just one more thing I didn't want to have to carry. We did fine having him sleep in our arms. (this might be tougher if you are flying alone without help, or if your child is bigger). You decide what's best for you.

9. Call ahead and see if the airline offers a bassinet. Ours didn't :( But some do! If you call right when you book your flight, chances are they might be able to get you seats in a front row (extra space!) with a bassinet free of charge. This really helps especially if you are not paying for a ticket for your infant (we definitely didn't).

10. We brought both our carseat and stroller, along with the carseat base. (Keith figured out a way to puzzle-piece the base into the stroller, with the carseat attached to it, but if you can't do this with yours, I definitely wouldn't bother bringing it. It will be a total pain, and just another thing to carry). You will be able to gate check both your carseat and stroller for free, and it really helps to not have to carry your baby all the way through the airport, especially if you're traveling alone.

11. A carrier won't hurt, either. We brought our Bjorn. Once we actually got to our gate, Keith got the stroller and carseat ready to check and we needed to hold Liam. I was so thankful we had it. We stood in line to board for 30 minutes a few times, and that made it so much easier.

12. Fly a lot? Think about getting gate check bags for your carseat and stroller, especially if they're nice enough that you don't want them scuffed up. Ours got some very noticeable scuffs. The bags are inexpensive (about 12$ each) but I didn't want spend that since we fly maybe once a year. You could also do a big trash bag, or buy those really big, industrial ziplocks like we did.

13.  Dress for the airport! What I mean is...don't have a million pieces of jewelry, shoes that are a pain to take off, tons of bobby pins in your hair, etc. Getting through security with all your crap AND your baby in tow is already pain enough. You definitely don't want to hold up the line even more while you de-bling.

14. GET COFFEE, take a deep breath, smile a lot, try not to kill your spouse (you're in this together!) and enjoy all the attention you'll be getting your adorable baby will be getting as your push his cute butt through the airport!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our trip to the ER

If any of you know my husband well, the events of this story will probably not surprise you. For those that don't know him, maybe they will. Either way, you will laugh.

Last night, we did our typical bedtime routine. Liam ate for a bit, and then it was time for a bath. Keith and I switch bathtime/dishes each night, and it was his night for bath. I finished the dishes about when he finished getting Liam into his PJ's, and I heard him call my name. I immediately recognized panic in his voice, so I went right up. Halfway up I heard him say, 'Liam just threw up blood.'

Ok. Stop. Little back info about Mr. Keith here. Keith tends to...let's see, how do I put this... exaggerate the truth at times. He stretches it, oh yes. We might even go as far as to say he dramatizes it. So while I was immediately concerned, I wasn't panicked.

I went up to our bed, and lo and behold...Blood! It was about tennis-ball sized, and was mixed in with milk/fluids from his tummy, so it looked like more than it actually was. 

Well, right about then, shit. hit. the. fan.
(Not literally, though we all know that in a house with a baby, that is quite possible.)
Keith was pretty much out the door in his underwear before I could even process what was happening. I told him to calm down (HA--Yeah RIGHT) and get dressed while I put my shoes on, turned some crap off etc.
(It's very much worth noting that Liam was acting fine. He was eating his hands, smiling, cooing, basically just his normal self. So I wasn't nearly as wigged out as dear ole dad. )

Since I knew we'd likely be in the ER for hours, I wanted to grab enough diapers, an extra blanket, our phone chargers, a water, etc. Just some stuff I knew we'd probably need.
Well, lemme tell you what, my ass about got LEFT. 
I mean. You'd think Liam's head had fallen off.

And this is where it gets good....
 That's right. Just as we were locking up the door, Millie thought we were going for a ride.  
Tail wagging, tongue hanging out. She's just chilling, prancing around the yard like it's a bacon fest.
Me, being the cool, calm, collected one of the night, decided the smart thing to do would be to grab her and at least put her in the backyard.
Keith, being the irrational, psychotic spazz of the night, decided the smart thing to do would be to scream at her, that way she'd immediately comply and go in the house on her own accord.
Yeah, not so much.
So she ran off, and Keith decided that if I was going after her, I was definitely getting left.
(keep in mind that Liam was still fine. Not crying, coughing, seizing, hemmoraging, nada. And all this happened in a matter of 5 minutes.)

The ER is about 10 minutes away.
Longest 10 minutes of Keith's life. I should have driven.
Liam and I were chillin in the back seat, he was happy as a lark, and I was trying to get my husband not to kill us all en route.
 We pulled up to the door and he dropped us off, instructing me to check in and 'Tell them exactly what happened!'
(Just in case common sense had left my brain)

Thankfully, I got us checked in before Keith had parked.
I'm not sure the ER nurses could handle that hot mess.
We went to sit down and he asked me,
My lordy you guys. I can't make this stuff up.

To make a long story not any longer, Liam is fine. The situation, as I suspected, was not quite as dire as some people made it out to be.
I sat there for two hours with a calm infant and a not-so-calm husband, who was wondering why heart attack victims took precedence. 
Turns out, Liam (most likely) ingested a little bit of blood while nursing. 
I have nipple thrush, and the side he was nursing on was bleeding. 
(YES, it hurts like the flames of hades).
I actually had thought that may be the case waaay back before we even left the house, but we were going to the ER either way. 
I tell this story with humor because it's funny now, but it definitely wouldn't be funny had something been seriously wrong, and I'm grateful my boy is both happy and healthy.
(Oh, and Millie survived, too. We called a neighbor, who was kind enough to go out and find her at 9:30 pm and keep her for the night!)

Here's to hoping we never do have a true emergency. I'm keeping a sedative on hand for Keith. 
Just in case. 

14 weeks of Liam.

FOURTEEN sounds like SO MUCH. It sounds soo old, sounds like such a long time!
My sweet boy's growin like a weed!

Hey sweet boy-
Every day you do something cuter than the last! Lately you are cooing cooing talking talking! You talk yourself to sleep every night and almost every nap, and you talk back to us when we talk to you. (Talking back so young?!)
This week we pushed you around in your stroller a lot without the carseat attached, you just got to sit up in there like a big boy. You got so much attention. Smiling at all the ladies lookin all cute...FLIRT!
We walked down to Target and had a nice trip to the mall, and you stole all the attention everywhere!
You got a jumperoo this week! We used one over at a friends house and you seemed to like it, so we got you one. You don't like being in there for a super long time, though. I think it's confusing right now and maybe a little uncomfortable after a few minutes, but I think you'll get used to it. 
You're still sleeping right next to mommy's bed, but I'm trying to find the perfect time to introduce you to your fun, colorful crib at night!
Last night, we had to go to the ER for you. NO fun for mommy and daddy, but you had a blast! You were up looking at evvverything. You slept a little, but you were up for the doctors and nurses, smiling away at 2 a.m.! I thought for sure Mr. Crankagins would come out because you had to be woken up, but NOPE! You were happy as a lark.
Always winning hearts with that smile.
You win mine again every day!

(ER Story to come!! He is absolutely fine, but this is a funny story to tell!)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

Happy Friday, Folks! I've got a huge dose of adorable-ness coming your way with Liam's fashion diaries for the week!!

Starting with...
Last Saturday!
It was game day, so nothing too exciting.
Liam's Onesie: Gift, and I'm not really sure where it came from
Jeans: Genuine Kids by Oshkosh B'Gosh

Onesie: Children's Place
BabyLeggs: Handmade from a pair of socks found at Target

Onesie: BabyGap
Pants: OldNavy (Similar)

Lion T-Shirt: Children's Place
Plaid Button-Up: BabyGap, bought from an IG shop
Khaki Pants: Carter's (Similar)

Long-sleeved onesie: H&M (Similar)
I'm still bitter about the fact that H&M doesn't offer online shopping. And yes, I'll probably mention it every week.
Grey sweat pants: Carter's

Onesie: BabyGap

Red Striped T-Shirt: Carter's 
Overalls: Carter's
(the T-shirt actually looks like this:)

And a few more just because they're cute:

Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Months Old

Sunday, Liam turned 13 weeks old, and Monday....THREE MONTHS!! My 3-month-old! He's no longer classified as a 'newborn'. I'm both happy and sad about this.... sad that my baby is growing, sad that I'll never get the newborn back, but happy and excited to watch him grow and learn. He is becoming more and more interactive every day, and we get so much joy just watching him discover things every day.

Weight: A little over 14
Height: 24 inches
Clothing size: 3 month, some 3-6 and 6.

Diaper size: Just yesterday we switched up to size 2. I have over a case of 1's left, but he was starting to have blowouts. I was going to try to go through them all, but it was time to switch.

Feeding: He's still 100% breastfed. He eats (about) every 3 hours, with the exception of nighttime, where he'll go a lot longer. I think the past few days he's having maybe a growth spurt or something because he's been eating a bit more frequently during the day. 

Sleep: We switched timezones twice this month, 5 hours both ways, and I was really worried about it...but he's done surprisingly well! He literally adjusted in like, a day! Granted while we were there his bedtime was a few hours later every night, but it worked out. Now that we're back in the swing of things, I start getting him ready for bed about 8:30. We do bathtime, and then I pretty much nurse him until he falls asleep. Sometimes it's 9:15, sometimes it's closer to 10. Then he normally sleeps til 4 or 5 and has a 10-15 minute feeding, and goes right back to sleep til about 7:30.

Milestones: We've seen some major interaction this month! Huge smiles when he sees us first thing in the morning, and he follows us around the room with his eyes now. He's also started to turn in the direction of sound this month. And the talking! He's become a bit of a blabbermouth this month! Just cooing away! He 'talks' himself to sleep almost every night...we say he's 'saying his prayers'. 
He also did something HUGE this month that literally made me squeal with delight--
I noticed him trying to mimick a sound we were making. Thankfully, captured that one on camera too!
(I have to post my disclaimer with this video--the hubby is NOT naked in the tub, he has shorts on!)
I give you my genius baby:

Adventures: So so many this month! Our first plane ride--followed by our second...third..fourth, fifth and sixth. (still working on my 'flying with baby' post!). Liam felt cold weather for the first time, saw some fun Christmas lights, and met a whole bunch of people. A fun-filled month indeed!
 Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without:
Lots of toys/'gear'/noisemakers. Liam is getting SO bored SO easily lately. He wants to constantly be either entertained or held, but he can't quite 'play' with his toys on his own yet. We do a lot of shaking them for him, and then swapping the toy out for something different. He'll go from his playmat to his bumbo to his bounce chair all in 30 minutes. I've just recently learned that if I set his chair up in front of a mirror, he'll entertain himself just long enough so that I can shower, get dressed, and do quick makeup. Babies LOVE mirrors.
What do you do to keep your baby happy/entertained at this age? I'm taking ALL the suggestions I can get!!

Happy 3 months!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 month favorites

Whelp...Another one bites the dust! Three months into 'parenting' and I'm one more month wiser, with an infinite amount still to learn. 
Here are some of the things that helped us out this month!

1. My iPad. Liam is in a stage right now (and has been for several weeks) where he gets bored. with. EVERYTHING. He'll only tolerate doing one thing for maybe 15-20 increments. He wants to be entertained (or held) a lot of the time. I've been able to set my iPad up in front of him with a fun app or Baby Einstein video to keep him entertained while I get dressed or just need my hands free for a short amount of time. This is definitely something I do infrequently. I don't want to make a habit out of having videos entertain him, but it is a nice resource every once in a while!

2.  The 'Fisher Price Apptivity Black & White' app has been of enormously good use to us this month! It basically just flashes simple black & white images, (like the one pictured here) in animated form, across the screen, set to music if you wish. The contrast of black on white is said to be very attractive to babies this age, as they are the most visible. When we play this app for Liam, it mesmerizes him! We had several long plane flights this past month, and even though he slept and was calm most of them, we used this app several times to help us out. It's available for both iPad and iPhone.
What are your favorite baby apps? I'm always on the hunt!

3. This month we've started towards a whole new world....the world of BABY TOYS!! This Bright Starts Elephant Toy was actually the first toy I noticed that caught Liam's attention. I can't tell you how many times we held it over his head and just shook and shook and shook it. It's got all sorts of rattles/noise makers/bright colorful thing-a-ma-jigs hanging from the feet. Perfect for distracting baby from whatever is ailing him. 

4. Another fun thing for distracting/keeping Liam entertained. This Skip Hop Owl toy was actually a gift from a friend right after Liam was born, but it's just now started to get some good use. One of the wings has a mirror on it (I've quickly learned that Liam LOVES mirrors!) and one of them has that loud crinkly material on the inside. The main body of the owl has a tinkly noise maker bell of some sort, and the colors/patterns on this thing are awesome! I can't really say 'he loves it' yet, because obviously we're the ones playing with his toys, not him...but I'm sure he does love at least seeing it, and will be grabbing it himself very soon!

5. Our video monitor--This is one of those things that, in my opinion you don't absolutely need, but it does offer peace of mind. This also depends on how big your house is-- if you've got a small apartment and/or you will be sharing a room with baby indefinitely, you might not need one. We live in a two-story house, and a monitor is perfect for those times I'm downstairs and Liam is Up. I just got this inexpensive Summer Infant Monitor. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a monitor, especially since Liam was/is sleeping in our room, but I also wanted one that wouldn't fall apart on me. I read lots of reviews, and this one got great marks for the price. Liam is still sleeping next to our bed at night, but napping in his crib during the day a lot. It's nice to be able to just turn the monitor on and see that he's doing ok. Just don't spend your baby's entire naptime starting at the monitor to make sure he's still breathing. What, you've never done that?? neither...

6. We have been using this bathtub since Liam was born. A tub is another one of those things you really don't need to spend a fortune on, mainly because they'll use it for such a short time. This one he'll probably be in only a month or so longer, until he can sit up on his own. This was especially helpful when we went to visit family this past month--my mother-in-law bought a second one for us to use while we were at her house. It's perfect to prop him up in & folds up super small to fit in almost any closet (I hate clutter in my bathroom/anything that takes up too much space...this is perfect for any other clutter-haters out there).

That's all for now!! What are your favorite things for this stage?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries: Baby Edition

Since Liam gets so many compliments on how well-dressed he is, and I often get asked where I got this or that, I've decided to do a weekly post on where his outfits came from!
This week, I washed a HUGE load of brand-new three-month clothes that have been hanging in his closet since he was born. He's graduated up a size, so I had ample cute things to choose from!
(I'll try to post links to things I can find online...but a lot of things I buy from the clearance section or at an outlet store, so it may not be available anymore! I shop second-hand a lot, too!)

Ok, starting with last Saturday:
Onesie: BabyGap
Striped Pants: H&M
(H&M doesn't offer shopping online. WHY, I have no clue, because if they did they'd make a crap-ton of money from me, since we don't have one anywhere that I could possibly drive to. But they do have a website that shows what awesomely cute clothes they have. Here are some similar pants....)
I didn't get a very good picture of the adorable onesie, so here's one from a while ago...

Long-sleeve Onesie: Target
Jeggings: Children's Place
(YES, ok, I got the Jeggings from the girls' section! But you nobody would have known if I hadn't told you!)

 Shirt: Carter's
Pants: BabyGap
(These are kind of similar...but no way in hell did I pay $48 for them...who does BabyGap think they are charging that much for a FOOT of fabric?! Also, who in the hell buys CASHMERE pants for their BABY who will outgrow them in a MONTH?! 
These are much more reasonable, just a different blue.
I got mine at a consignment shop for 5$. Sorry Liam, no Cashmere for you.)

And just because they're my favorite, Monday night PJ's:
 These are Babies R Us Pj's, but I actually got them from an IG shop. What's an IG shop, you might ask? Well, there are lots of people on Instagram who sell their kids' gently-used clothing that they've outgrown! Kind of like a 'social media yard-sale'. I got this for I think probably less than 5$. If you follow me on IG, go to the people I follow, you'll find tons and tons of shops there! As soon as I get the time, I'm going to start up one myself. Out with the old, in with the new!


Adorable hat: Gymboree
Onesie: Carter's
(Was in this set of onesies)
Overalls: Carter's

Onesie and Overalls: Genuine Kids, Oskosh B'Gosh (Bought at Target)
 The onesie is one of those cute collered ones. Super cute.


Onesie: Carter's 
Jeans: Genuine Kids, Oshkosh B'Gosh

And thanks to a diaper-blowout, we got to wear a second outfit Thursday:
Onesie: Carter's 
(I can't find the plain grey one, but here's some cute crab stuff)
Shorts: BabyGap

Onesie: BabyGap
(Bought from an IG shop for a few bucks, but here's one like it)
Pants: BabyGap
(These pants are my absolute favorite, definitely a staple! You'll probably see them a lot!
Here's some that are similar, just not cords.)
Shoes: Children's Place

And that's all!!
Where's your favorite place to shop for baby clothes?