Wednesday, January 23, 2013

14 weeks of Liam.

FOURTEEN sounds like SO MUCH. It sounds soo old, sounds like such a long time!
My sweet boy's growin like a weed!

Hey sweet boy-
Every day you do something cuter than the last! Lately you are cooing cooing talking talking! You talk yourself to sleep every night and almost every nap, and you talk back to us when we talk to you. (Talking back so young?!)
This week we pushed you around in your stroller a lot without the carseat attached, you just got to sit up in there like a big boy. You got so much attention. Smiling at all the ladies lookin all cute...FLIRT!
We walked down to Target and had a nice trip to the mall, and you stole all the attention everywhere!
You got a jumperoo this week! We used one over at a friends house and you seemed to like it, so we got you one. You don't like being in there for a super long time, though. I think it's confusing right now and maybe a little uncomfortable after a few minutes, but I think you'll get used to it. 
You're still sleeping right next to mommy's bed, but I'm trying to find the perfect time to introduce you to your fun, colorful crib at night!
Last night, we had to go to the ER for you. NO fun for mommy and daddy, but you had a blast! You were up looking at evvverything. You slept a little, but you were up for the doctors and nurses, smiling away at 2 a.m.! I thought for sure Mr. Crankagins would come out because you had to be woken up, but NOPE! You were happy as a lark.
Always winning hearts with that smile.
You win mine again every day!

(ER Story to come!! He is absolutely fine, but this is a funny story to tell!)

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