Tuesday, October 9, 2012

40 weeks, 3 days...still...pregnant...

Well! Here I am, three days past my due date and still pregnant! I never had a 'guess' or prediction or whatever as to when our baby boy would be here, (like many other people did!) but I will say, I definitely expected him to be here by now! But he's not. Fashionably late. :) And we are just trying to wait patiently. This just goes to show you that life simply cannot be planned.
My next Dr. Appt. isn't even until Friday, nearly a week past my due date! (I tried to get in sooner, but that was all they had!) I'm really hoping he's here by then, but again.... practicing patience. 
 A friend pointed out to me that if he's born Thursday, his birthday will be 10-11-12. That would be neat!

This past weekend was *possibly* our last weekend as 'non-parents' (though I think I've said that about the last three weekends....haha) and I will say, this has been the most relaxing, enjoyable weekend we've had in a while! I think part of the reason was because we have everything done! No huge items to check off our to-do list. Car seat is in the car, bags are packed, & every nook, cranny & crevice of our house is cleaned. Keith even cleaned out the garage & backyard spotless.
So it was very, very nice to just relax over this long, holiday weekend.

My due date was Saturday, & we decided to go out for breakfast just like we did the day we found out I was pregnant. 
We went and bought Liam a (very cute!) little owl humidifier, went mini-golfing, saw a movie, & had dinner with friends. (Actually, I lied, we saw two movies this weekend. Figured we may as well get them in while we still can!)
We went on several beautiful, relaxing drives, just riding around with the windows down & taking in the beautiful island scenery (I'll never get sick of it!)

We did lots of walking! Several malls, the zoo, a walk on the beach, even took the dogs to the dog beach! Trying our best to coax him out :)
We had a lot of good food, spent a lot of time together and with friends, and really just enjoyed ourselves!
If this does end up being our last weekend as a twosome, I'm very happy with it, & happy with the memories we made!

The humidifier was Keith's idea... I wasn't sure we needed one since obviously it's already humid here...but he was so excited about this owl. :) AND we are very glad we got it, we've tried it out in our room for a few nights and are seriously amazed at how much cooler it makes our bedroom at night. This one is a 'cool mist' humidifier & we got it from Best Buy.

Liam's 'first' zoo trip. We were racking our brains trying to think of other places to go that would involve walking & we settled on the zoo...

Liam got a very cute toy out of our trip. 

Since I got to 40 weeks, ( I wasn't sure that I would, or that I would be able to get a 40 week belly pic) I was able to do a few side-by-side comparisons. 
If you are pregnant...Do this!! You won't regret it! It's amazing to look back on, you won't believe the changes!
I still don't...
Now this one really surprised me! I really didn't think that two weeks would make much of a difference, but I can definitely see it! That boy is a-growing, even still.... TIME TO COME OUT!!! I am just prayyying, oh lordy, that I do not have a ten-pound baby.... pleaseohpleaseohplease!!!

And then of course, just for fun :) I remember thinking so much earlier how 'big' I was, and how I didn't think I could get any larger. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's funny.

How far along? too far :)
Total weight gain: I think the final verdict is about 40 pounds.
Stretch Marks: Notta one! I am so thankful. (Though I've heard some ladies went their whole pregnancy without getting them, and then got some between weeks 40 & 42...comon LIAM!)

Maternity clothes? I can only wear either maternity pants, yoga, or skirts/dresses...there are a few regular shirts I can still fit...man....I am so excited to get my body back.
Sleep: I woke up twice this week literally COVERED in sweat. Like, dripping. Gross. I had to get a towel one night. And when I came back to bed, I could see little wet splotches of sweat on the sheets. I say again: gross. One of the joys of pregnancy, right ladies!? But I will say this...That cool mist humidifier HELPS! Big time! Since we put it in our room, I haven't been sweaty at night at all.

Best moment this week:  That amazing, relaxing weekend I talked about. Sometimes in life, you need to just have no plans, kick back, and see where the road takes you. Hard for me to do sometimes, because I am a planner and always like to be prepared, but I'm telling you, it's worth it!

Miss Anything?  Like I said...excited to get my body back and be able to wear some cute, regular clothes. Ahh..skinny jeans, how I've missed you!
Movement:  I want to say I read somewhere that the movement kind of slows down as the baby runs out of room...I suppose it's slowed down maybe a little, but right now as I'm sitting here, I swear he is taking both fists and just slamming them on my uterus like he's pounding on a drum.
Food cravings: Nothing huge. I did insist on going to this little bakery for donuts this morning.
Anything making you queasy or sick: aside from the thought of giving birth?
Gender: All I can say is, IT HAD BETTER BE A BOY!!!!!
Labor Signs: There were a couple times this week where I had very intense cramping & a few contractions. Once today I was doubled over in pain that took my breath...but just when I think maybe it's the start of something, it goes away.

And I have not lost my mucus plug yet. (If you don't know what that is...b/c I didn't before I was pregnant... well, google it.)
Symptoms: Swollen feet, swollen belly, tiny bladder.

Belly Button in or out? I don't even know what to say about my poor bellybutton anymore, it's just plain deformed. 

Wedding rings on or off? off! My hands still really aren't that swollen, but I don't want to take any chances.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. More relaxed than I've been in so long.

Looking forward to: 
Tiny button nose. Picking out his outfits. 4 am feedings, just me and him. Seeing him in his little swing. Hearing his cry! Smelling his freshly bathed skin. Going on walks around the neighborhood. Trying out my Moby. Newborn Photos! Seeing his first smile. Knowing what color his eyes are. Watching him sleep. Being able to finally mother him outside the womb. :) :)
Showing: I'm sure people watch me suspiciously as I enter any public place to 

A. make sure my water doesn't bust on their shoes and
B. make sure they don't need to take me to the hospital!


Come on Liam! Ready when you are.....


  1. I am SO anxious to see him already and him be here! I know you sure are. I love the owl dehumidifier. I registered for the one that looks like a rain drop. I think I have overdid myself on the owls, my husband keeps saying he is probably going to end up terrified of them, or hating them. Haha, I doubt it. ;) But you look so cute, STILL! I loved all the pics from IG, esp the belly comparisons. I have been doing the same. I am curious to see how mine differ from 30 to 40 weeks. Eeek.... FINGERS CROSSED momma that LIAM will be here ASAP!

    1. I didn't even really intentionally do any type of owl theme in his room at first, it all started with my husband finding the huge owl hanging in the corner & he reallly wanted it for the nursery, so from there I just figured, why not get a few more owl things... :) Now I'm starting to love them.