Monday, October 8, 2012

Sew Swap!

A little while ago, I joined up in a 'sew swap' hosted by one of my new Instagram friends, Ashley. Ash blogs over at the Little Willow Tree. Cutest little blog with tons of sewing ideas, tutorials, and more! I've actually done a few tutorials of hers myself and learned some new tricks of the trade. :)
Being relatively new to sewing, it helps to get tips from more experienced sewers!

So anyway, when I saw that she was doing a 'sew swap' I knew it sounded like it was for me. She assigned everyone that signed up a partner, (someone we didn't know, of course!) and the assignment was to sew something for them based on a small questionnaire she sent out.
I was assigned to sew for Jaime from California. Since I learned that she was a busy mom, I wanted to make her something practical, but of course, cute as well! So I made one of my favorite little 'practical' cute gifts for her, this little clutch: (and of course, wanted to incorporate at least one of her favorite colors, which was red...)

This was so fun to do!

Unfortunately I didn't get an item from the person that was assigned to sew for me yet, but I think maybe it's because sometimes, things take forEVER to get to Hawaii!
But now I have something to look forward to, can't wait to see what it is!

Be sure to head over to the Little Willow Tree to check out all the other cute sew swap items, & I hope we can do this again, ladies!


  1. I really want to learn to sew, like more than sawing on a button! Currently that is the extent of my expertise! Lol!

    1. If you ever have the extra time, do it! It's so easy to learn, and once you have a machine/know how to work it, you can kind of just pick it up as you go!