Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nursery Deets--Where I got everything!

Here are Liam's nursery project details!
I love, love, love crafting, so there's a lot in here that I just made/repurposed/designed myself, but if it can be purchased somewhere, I'll do my best to let you know where I got it!
If I forget something or you're wondering where I got/how I made a specific item, feel free to ask.
I didn't really have a specific 'budget', just that I wanted to be as thrifty as possible here. (Having a baby gets expensive, after all! I wanted to make our dollars stretch!)
By learning a few new skills--aka picking up sewing for the first time in my life, scouring Craigslist endlessly, thrifting, & shopping at discount stores (Ross, TJ Maxx, etc.) and Amazon, I was able to put this entire room together for under $500.
It definitely took a lot more time/work than just buying all brand-new, fancy things, but to me it was a labor of love + it's more unique and more my style.

Hamper: Ross. Came with a plain tan liner, so I sewed a new one from this fabric
Glider: Amazon.com
Pillow on chair & changing pad cover-handmade myself. Fabric from fabric.com,
Premier Prints ZigZag Twill Girly Blue, & Red Minky Dot
Baby Blanket-Handmade with Michael Miller Flannel Zoology Sea fabric
Curtains: Sewed Myself with this fabric 
Lamp on dresser- Target
Plastic Bin on dresser-Target
'Liam' letters- Urban Outfitters 
Owl Wall hanging-TJ Maxx
Hanging pom garland-Handmade
Fabric Bin by chair-Target 

Nightstand: Craigslist find
Chevron Bins: Target
Frame: Ross, came black, spray-painted white
Owl: TJ Maxx
Lamp: Already had, painted the shade from white to yellow

Shelves: Handmade and painted by my awesome hubby :) using this tutorial
Little Sail Boat softy- Handmade by me with this tutorial 

(Thanks to grandparents for buying Liam's crib!!)
Crib sheet, skirt, blanket, & pillows handmade by me, fabric found on fabric.com
For the crib skirt, I used Premier Prints ZigZag Twill Girly Blue
Riley Blake Chevron, Medium Yellow & Medium Black, Same fabric as skirt, & Remix Dots Celebration
Sheet: Pimatex Basics Polka Dots Yellow 
Here is an awesome, super easy crib sheet tut.
Sock Monkey: Handmade by a dear friend
Crab stool: Ugly brown stool we had sitting around the house, painted & hand stenciled by the awesome husband :)

Bunting: Made myself, same fabric that I got on fabric.com for everything else, I also used Remix Zig Zags Celebration & Premier Prints Zig Zag in addition to the others.

 Gallery wall 
(probably my favorite part of his room!!)
All the frames here & elsewhere in the room I either got at Goodwill, or the cheap 3$ ones from Wal-Mart and then spray painted.  All together I think I spent maybe $30 on my frames.
The three red frames on the right & 'Oyster' prints I designed myself. All of them I had printed at Office Max for less than six dollars!
Feel free to contact me if you'd like any of these or something similar! (I'm still working on getting an Etsy shop up & running)

You can purchase my nursery prints here. 
'Be Fearless' poster- TJ Maxx
Steamship Print-- Got years ago at Target 
Owl & Feather watercolor print: Danielle V Green Illustrations on Etsy
'French Fry' quote painting--handmade by another dear friend

Crib Mobile: Handmade by me using this tutorial 
'Dreamer' canvas painting, made by me using this tut.

'Dream Big' & 'Greatest Adventure' prints-Designed myself & printed at Office Max.

(Purchase any of my designs here!)

Had these puppies sitting in the back of my closet from a yard sale years ago. 
I just strung/taped twine to the back and clipped pics on with mini wooden clothes pins. :)

Giant Tricycle- Purchased years ago in Colorado at a local furniture store
Little onesies--Handmade by me 
Door hook-hangy thing-

 Little 'toy' bin in corner-TJ Maxx
Dresser--Awesome Craigslist find (came as a set w/ the nightstand for 100$ all together!)
Repurposed dresser & knobs myself. 
I was going to buy new knobs, but couldn't bring myself to spend 35-40$ just on new dresser knobs. All I did was cut out circles of fabric I already had and mod-podged them to the front of the knobs. 

So I got this ugly frame on the left from Goodwill years ago, thinking maybe I'd one day use it for something...And I did! I ended up having to cut out the middle, which was just cardboard, and replaced it with a piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint. The frame I simply spray painted. 

One other recommendation I have for being 'thrifty' is....Start buying diapers, and sign up for Amazon mom!
It's free to sign up, and you get awesome discounts on diapers/wipes in bulk when you use their 'Subscribe and Save' program. I think we have at least 6 months worth stockpiled. (Thankfully space wasn't an issue for us so we were able to do this!)
If you have a Prime membership (great to have if you live somewhere like me where you end up having to order things online a lot) you get free shipping on almost everything!

And I think that's all--
Let me know if I left anything out!!


  1. LOVE all of your items - your closet definitely looks like mine right now... stacked full of diapers and wipes already. I havent even had my baby shower yet! I love everything. Wish I had unlimited funds - but here lately, I have a lot of catching up to do on bills. I spend every single dime and penny I have left over on the nursery or buying baby stuff. It's so funny how life changes when you are expecting - no more buying stuff for myself. I am happy about that though :)

    1. Girrl, you are telling me! As soon as I found out what I was having, I went crazy with baby clothes, nursery stuff, etc. etc. I tried not to go tooo too crazy, though, until my shower. For our shower I did a diaper raffle--If people brought diapers they got their name entered for a 20$ Target gift card. we got TONS OF DIAPERS. So now I have so many that I literally can NOT buy anymore, I'm already afraid I have too many of certain sizes!