Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two Weeks of Liam

My little man is two weeks old today!! The craziest/most wonderful two weeks of my life. I've learned so much...I still have so much to learn!

Tomorrow Keith has to go back to work...and let me just say, I will greatly miss him around here!
 He was been amazing. AMAZING. Did I say amazing?
He's seriously blown my mind with awesomeness.
From the day we came home from the hospital, he's been literally the picture perfect husband & father. He's done the dishes, dusted, vacuumed, done laundry, cleaned bathrooms, taken out trash, etc. etc. every single day...
All while waiting on me hand and foot! He makes me food/brings me water while I'm nursing and constantly asks if I need anything. (I am constantly nursing)
He has changed almost every diaper.
He is the king of swaddling. (but seriously.)
Sometimes the only way Liam calms down is when Keith carries him around outside & gives me a little 'break'.  
Anyway. You get the point, so enough've come to see Liam!

Weight: Maybe a little over 8 pounds?
Height: We have his two week appointment this Wednesday where we'll find out his exact height and weight...but my, my, that boy can EAT, so I'm sure he's grown.
Clothing size: Newborn. We've tried putting him in some 0-3m, but he absolutely swims in them. 
Diaper size: Newborn
Feeding: I have no idea how much he's eating, but I do know that he loves to eat! His longest feeding was a little over an hour...Normally, he eats every hour and a half-two hours, and he'll feed for about 20 minutes at a time.
Sleep: I try to fill his belly as much as he wants/as much as I can during the day so that he sleeps really well at night, and so far it seems to be working great. He consistently sleeps about 5-6 straight hours, wakes for about an hour to eat, then goes back down for 3 more. I am so grateful!
Milestones: Nothing major at this age, except he does seem to be focusing his eyes a little more.
Adventures: We went to a pumpkin patch this week, mostly for mom & dad to get some cute pictures. That was a total bust. Horrible. We hated it, and I'm sure he did too, we left after maybe 20 minutes. It was so so hot. Like, over 80* and hardly any clouds. We might try again next year when he's old enough to actually enjoy it and we're not as worried about heat stroke :)
Grandma Pfost (my mom) is here right now, so he got to meet her for the first time too!
OH! And we did his newborn photoshoot on Monday (that seems like so long ago!). Those cute pictures will be coming soon!
Mommy and Daddy could not get through the first weeks without: Tons of burp cloths, flannel receiving blankets, & muslin swaddle wraps. We keep some in every room!
And each other.

[still working on the birth story. it takes me awhile to get all the deets just perfect. :)]


  1. liam is a babe!! && i sure hope my hubby keith is as helpful and amazing as ur keith is when we have our kenzie soon. ;) im sure he will. he seems sooo ready!!

    1. hey girrl :)
      Yeah, you know how they say that a woman becomes a mother when she finds out she's pregnant, but a man becomes a father when he first holds his child? SO TRUE! It's amazing the changes that happen so quickly, I'm excited for you two!!

  2. How precious is he?! So so cute! And there must be something special in daddies that make them professional swaddlers! Luke is the master swaddler around these parts too! ;) congratulations again on your little love! Isn't motherhood the absolute best thing in the world?!!

  3. This is so precious. Makes me even more anxious and nervous all at the same time. Liam is one lucky little guy. He seems to have just as an amazing daddy as he does mommy. I am hoping Vinny gets to help as much as your Keith, considering he works 24hrs at a time. Uh. I cannot wait to see the newborn pictures. I know they will be darling! :)

  4. Omg so crazy how fast 2 weeks goes by!!!! I love when hubbies are so amazing like that, mine took extra time off and doesn't go back til Jan, so i can't imagine him having to go back after 2 wks! Liam is such a handsome boy I'm having fun seeing him grow in pics :-)