Sunday, November 4, 2012

Three Weeks of Liam

Three weeks old, and not one week has looked at all like the previous! Heck, no two days are ever the same! Man, just when I think I've got him figured out...
BAM! He changes the game on me. 
Well, I can say one thing for sure...
I am never bored! 

Weight: 9.2 pounds! He's gained about a pound and a half since birth.
Height: 21 inches
Clothing size: Newborn still. There are a few 0-3 mo that kind of fit (depends on the brand) but mostly still wearing his newborns!
Diaper size: Newborn, but he'll fit in a 1. We're finishing the rest of the NB that we have left, then movin' on up!
Feeding: Liam is exclusively breastfed, and that boy can EAT! He's had a growth spurt this week, (though it seems to me like he's had a growth spurt since the day he was born!) so he doesn't usually go more than two hours during the day without wanting to feed. Exhausting for me! I could seriously use a third boob. SERIOUSLY.
(Breastfeeding has not been easy for me. An issue I'll address more thoroughly in another post...but I'm definitely determined to stick it out!)
Sleep: Last night we got nearly 5 hours straight out of him! Hallelujah, I needed it! This week has been stretches of about 3-4 hours at night. He wakes up usually once around 4 a.m. (after a good midnight feeding) and then he'll sleep until 7 or so.
Milestones: Opening his eyes more and more, and staying awake & alert for longer periods of time.
He took his first bottle of pumped milk! We wanted to wait a little longer just to make sure there was no nipple confusion, but Keith & I got stuck out in traffic for nearly 2 hours while my mom was home with him. He took it like a champ! Downed 2 oz. and then wanted more! One of my (many) nicknames for my Liam is 'Mr. Piggy'. Appropriate.
Adventures:We took him out to dinner with us for the second time and he did great! Had him in his carseat in the booth next to me, and he nearly slept the whole time.
Mommy and Daddy could not get through the first weeks without: Lots of laundry detergent, Pampers Swaddlers. Our Cloud B soothing sounds Gentle Giraffe.  



  1. Yay for 3 wks!! He's such a handsome baby boy! I was actually thinking of getting the cloud b giraffe, I registered for it but never got it but after reading your post and other reviews I'm definitely going to get it for Julian :)

  2. he is SO cute!!! doesn't it seem like time is going by way faster then you thought it would?!?! I can't even believe that baby Carter is almost two THREE weeks!?! Doesn't feel like I had a HUGE belly that long ago! AND I'm totally feeling you about the breastfeeding issues, I DEFINITELY did NOT think it was going to be as hard as it has been! NO ONE told me!