Friday, November 30, 2012

six weeks of liam

Liam turned 6 weeks nearly a week ago, last Sunday, 
better late than never with his adorable-ness!
In two days it'll be seven!

Mr. Liam:
You are getting so big and growing so strong so quickly! This week you were able to wear a few THREE MONTH outfits! Three months, and you're not even TWO months old yet. Mama is sad that you can't wear most of your itty bitty newborn clothes anymore, it went by so so fast, just like everyone said it would. 
Sad, but at the same time, excited to see all the fun that is yet to come!
This week, you had so much fun hanging around with your Grammy & Grandaddy Pope. We showed them around the island, but I think they were most excited to see YOU over anything else.
You are doing so good at sleeping longer and longer stretches. This week, we tried really hard to nail down a routine, and you did wonderfully! You slept 6 hours straight nearly every night!
Even when you do wake up in the wee hours, you have been giving me the biggest smiles, so I don't mind being up at all.
You make every single day brighter for me.
You are so so much fun, and you always leave me something to look forward to.
your mommy

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