Monday, November 12, 2012

Liam's Newborn Photos!

When Liam was 8 days old, we had his newborn photoshoot! 
Back in April, I'd scoured the web for local newborn photographers, and my absolute favorite portfolio was of a photographer a friend recommended. 
Let me tell you, folks, until you've been present at a newborn photoshoot, you have no clue the work that goes into it! On the day of the shoot, Liam was not in a good mood at all, to the point that I would have really loved to reschedule, but that's just hard to do with such a short time window to capture the 'newborn-ness'. 
The shoot is supposed to last three hours...ours went five....I was peed on twice, the photographer once, poop was shot clear across the studio... Liam just cried and cried and cried when he was 'supposed' to be sleeping sweetly. (This just goes to show you that newborns never do what they're 'supposed' to!)
We later discovered that there was a problem with his circumcision and had to take him to the ER...He was in pain all day, so that was the reason for all the fussing. Poor thing :(
Anyway, all that to say, Chantelle from Simply Blissful Photography was patient beyond words! Definitely born to do what she does! She gave up her afternoon to stay very late with us, and from the photos you see here, you would never guess that L man had a bad day.
Thanks again to Chantelle for her patience and kindness, and for giving us photos we'll treasure for a lifetime!


  1. These turned out amazing! I cannot believe how adorable he is! I cannot wait for this! :)))

    1. Thanks girl! We are so happy with them. It's hard to pick our favorites, we love them all!
      Have you booked a newborn shoot anywhere?

  2. This makes me wish I would have done a newborn photoshoot! :( they're soooo cute!!!

  3. These turned out so amazing!!! I didn't realize this was the same day as the ER visit, talk about stressful!! He is just an angel Angie! Xo!