Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Five Weeks of Liam

You're not sick of seeing posts about Liam yet, are you?! GOOD! Because there is no end to them!
I'm playing catch-up (Liam turned 5 weeks on Sunday). Since Gammy & Grandaddy Pope are here visiting, mommy has been spending less time online & more time doing other wonderful things. (Thankfully, the boy has to eat sometime, & I've finally learned to multi-task!)

But here he is in all his glory, my little treasure who changes so much every week!

Li Li, L Pop, L-man, Mr. Piggy, Little Lion Man: 
(He already has SO MANY nicknames)

MAN your mama loves you! You really are the light of my life. Every day I get to delight in watching you grow and take in new things. I learn something new about you every day, and in doing that, you teach me something new about myself!
You are growing WAY TOO FAST! Like a weed! You're already out of several newborn outfits & Pj's, and the 'too-small' pile just keeps growing!
I nearly cried when I realized that your socks were too small. 
The only thing that makes me less sad about you growing is the fact that I get to see all the exciting milestones I know are to come! And I plan on soaking in every single one!


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