Monday, November 12, 2012

Four Weeks of Liam

L Man turned 4 weeks old yesterday! 
What a studly looking 4-week-old, huh?!
 Weight: Got to be at least 9 and a half by now. I'm reading Babywise right now & learned that 11 pounds is kind of the 'magic number' for babies to start sleeping through the night...comon 11 pounds!!
Height: 21 inches
Clothing size: Newborn, & I'm actually really surprised he's fit them for this long.
Diaper size: We've moved up this week from Newborn to a size 1! Not only are we out of newborns, but they were getting snug. Size 1 is actually a little too big, but we make it work.
Feeding: He's finally (I think!) come down off his most recent growth spurt, so he's not wanting to eat as often. He'll eat about every two hours or so now, but I have remained very flexible because sometimes it's sooner, sometimes he goes longer. I am starting to build up a small supply of pumped milk in my freezer for those times I do want to get out for a few hours.
Sleep: Since he's turned 4 weeks, I'm really going to start trying to establish a schedule. I'm reading through Babywise and I'm determined for it to work! He is still sleeping in our room for now since it's easier for me to just grab him and feed him, but as soon as I get him consistently sleeping for 7 hours, we'll transition to his room.
Milestones: He is smiling more! He'll stay awake longer after eating and just stare at Keith & I while we talk to him, and we are getting more smiles every day. Smiling is our favorite.
Adventures: Liam had his first ocean adventure this week! We took him out on a boat with us. He loved it! I think he really enjoyed the motion/sound of the boat, because he pretty much slept the whole time.
 Mommy and Daddy could not get through the first weeks without: Patience and LOTS of flexibility!

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