Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's in my hospital bag?

All my bags are packed... I AM READY to go to the hospital!
If you know me, you know that I am a planner. I like to be prepared for everything! So obviously I've had my hospital bag (Liam's too!!) packed for weeks!
I've asked and asked and asked moms I know what I should bring to the hospital. I've asked for tips from IG moms, read blogs and more blogs, looked on google, you name it! I did lots of research because I wanted to really only bring things I would 'need' and things that would make our short stay as comfortable as possible.
Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone else who is wondering what to pack/not to pack in your hospital bag.

 1. Comfy pants/PJ's. 
Comfy is key for me, so I've packed one roomy pair of VS yoga pants and one pair of roomy pj pants. Who knows, I might end up chillin in my hospital gown, but I also know myself, and I know that I'm most comfy in my own clothes.
Also, it's worth mentioning that several people have said that a nightgown with a low neckline for nursing is the best thing to wear after you push out a baby, I just haven't found one yet.
2. Comfy tees & camis!
I made sure that every shirt I've packed will be easy to nurse in. They all either have low or loose necklines for easy access.
3. 'Going home' outfit?
I'm not sure I'll actually wear this, but just in case a skirt will be more comfy than pants, I threw one in.
4. Robe, slippers, flip-flops.
I did have a few people tell me that if you bring your own robe, you might bleed on it, but this robe is SO comfy that I just have to have it.
5. Swim suit. 
 The labor & delivery rooms at our hospital have jacuzzi tubs, so this is just in case I'm feeling like a soak and don't want my goods all on display.
6. Socks. (underwear too!)
 Ok...I admit...I've probably packed WAY too many pair of socks, but the hospital gets COLD and I hate to wear dirty socks. I packed regular ones and then also some of the fuzzy socks.
Also in this 'category' that I didn't really feel it was necessary to photograph: undergarments! I seriously think I packed at least  ten pairs of underwear. I just got a cheap pack of underoos from Target that I'll be ok throwing away after since I'm fairly positive they will be ruined.  I realize I may just spend my time in the mesh hospital ones (Joy! :) but just in case, I've got plenty of my own comfy ones!  I also packed a nursing bra and a few comfy bandeaus.
7. Hoodie.
Again with the cold hospital! Who likes to be cold? Not me!

8. Make-up remover wipes & flushable hand/face wipes.
I figured these would be much easier than bringing my whole giant face wash.
9. Toiletries!
I'm keeping it pretty simple. Obviously I'm bringing a toothbrush and toothpaste even though it's not pictured... Lotion, shower wash, loofah, shampoo/conditioner (though I probably won't actually wash my hair there unless it's ultra-nasty) deodorant, tissues, hand sanitizer. I'm not really bringing any hair products because I guarantee the last thing I'll be doing is my hair, but I am bringing several headbands, a hair clip, bobby pins, & hair ties. Def keeping the hair a low-maintenance situation.
10. Makeup, Obvi. 
There will be pictures, after all. 
11. iPad. 
Who knows how long labor can take.... I might get bored. :) I'll probably bring a book, too.

I also have a list of 'things to grab as I walk out the door' that I don't have packed since I need them every day:
Phone charger
The toothbrush :)
Snacks/hard candy
(I got several kinds of hard candy that I really like just in case I'm DYING of hunger and really need something of substance)
Cash for vending
Water Bottle
My birthplan
The boppy
Extra pillows for me & pillow & blanket for hubby.
(He's in charge of packing his own bag...which we all know will consist of throwing some deodorant and a change of underwear into a plastic sack..)

And then, of course, we have Liam's bag!
I found my sweet & cheap diaper bag at TJMaxx. I was very picky about my 'diaper bag', as I didn't really want anything that looked remotely like a diaper bag. I found a Timi & Leslie online that I realllly liked, (AMAZING diaper bags, but they are EXpensive, so for now, this will do fine).

 (I was WAY too excited to pack this bag...........)
Ok, here's what's in it...
1. Blankets. 
It won't be anywhere near cold here when we leave the hospital, so I packed a pretty lightweight cotton blanket and an Aden & Anais Muslin swaddle wrap. (I have heard SO many great things about these)
2. Flannel receiving blankets. 
I realize the hospital has these, but I wanted to bring my own as well.
3. Burp cloths.
For obvious reasons  
4. Nursing cover. 
Yeah, I'm sure this won't get used, but just in case people are visiting when baby's gotta eat!
5. Paci. 
Our hospital does not have/supply pacifiers at all. I'm not even sure yet if I want to give him one...but just in case!
6. Both reusable and disposable nursing pads. 
Several pairs. You never know. 
7. Baby nail clippers. 
I don't know how many people I've heard say that their newborn scratched up his face in the first day :(
8. Antibacterial wipes. (Wet Ones)
Sometimes, hand sanitizer just isn't enough for me.
9. Lansinoh lanolin.
Yeah. I have a definite feeling I'll be needing this.
10. Hand sanitizer. 
Don't be surprised if you come to visit and I make you sanitze. :)
11. This little bag is so wonderful!
I made it and I really wish I could find a tutorial somewhere...but I can't, so I might just post my own. It fits everything listed here in this picture, as well as about 4 diapers. Perfect for all those little things in a diaper bag that annoyingly get lost at the bottom.
12. Wipes.
In my cute case that I made from this tutorial. Easy peasy & super cute!
 Ohh, the newborn clothes! My favorite part! Yes, I probably have too many of everything, but you can't talk me out of any of it! :)

13. Little newborn caps. :) 
14. I packed three simple onesies and a little button-up shirt. 
15. Socks.
16. A little pj outfit.
17. Cute pants.
18. Those little mitten-things.
Now these are definitely necessary, or so I've heard!!

Have I forgotten anything? Anything else you guys recommend?

I cannot believe that in a few weeks, we will have a tiny human to fill these tiny, adorable clothes.....



  1. you should get a baby nail file...you're not supposed to clip their nails for a few weeks because they are so thin they rip really easy (i asked a nurse to clip them for me when we first had Eva...she gave a big resounding NO!) But you can "file" them which helps...otherwise use Baby Mittens or some long sleeved onsies that have lil built in fold-over mittens that work really well too! :)

    1. Oooh a baby nail file, great idea! I didn't even know they made 'baby' ones, can you just use a regular file?

    2. i think a regular one would work....i can't remember now what i used-haha....just ask a nurse about it at the hospital...they'll let you know and prob give a demonstration... :)

  2. so close!! and soooo exciting!! :D You are WAYYYY ahead of me in this department! If the baby came today, I'd be at the hospital with nothing because I haven't even thought about packing my bag yet :l Man, talk about a procrastinator!

    1. Don't worry too much about it, this is one of those things that can be done in a day! I think you've got a few more weeks than me anyhow.

  3. I swear we packed the exact same way, even the same stuff(brands). Haha, I love the T&L diaper bags too :/ I ended up with the Skip Hop from amazon it should be in the mail but right now all his stuff is just in my tote bag for the hospital. I swear even down to the "last minute" list and the way you described how you left it up to your husband and what he will probably end up packing is the exact same... I just love this post :) I cannot wait for Liam! I am so nervous myself, I cant even fathom having a baby in just five days Angie!

    1. OMG I know girl, life is about to change so much. I don't feel ready, but I guess I'd better be, like it or not, they're coming!

  4. You are just too cute! I love your posts! I remember my "hospital bag" post. Wow it seems like that was just yesterday and not I have a little one month old! Oh and I have to comment on the person above about the baby nail clipper, I have to admit … I had an incident with my little babe. He was born with some INTENSE long nails, and he was scratching himself and mommy too. So I went to clip them and like a total ass I clipped the side of his little thumb! I just about died. I cried so hard and he cried a little too but nothing like mama. I felt like the worst mother in the world, I had a 2 day old little baby and I damn near took his thumb off! I fully suggest taking the time to file their nails at first too. I do it now while I'm nursing, when he's calm and relaxed. Just trying to help out a fellow new mommy with my experience. :)

    1. Awww :/ poor you. I am sure I would feel the SAME way. So do I need a special 'baby' nail file, or any nail file will work... ??

    2. p.s. i don't even have him yet and I already HATE how fast it seems like the time passes with them!

  5. Thanks for this post, I have really been thinking a lot lately about what needs to go inside mine and baby J's bag. I am so anxious to go ahead and pack it - guess I will wait until after the shower and what not. I have already started my list of things though, lol. You are too cute though, for real. I love your blog!

    1. I think I packed mine at about 36 weeks... When is your shower?! FUN! I loved my shower.

    2. p.s. can't wait to see PICS of your shower, I know it will be adoorrable!

  6. Okay, so I am packing mine up now - looking through fellow mommy blogs looking at what all everyone took in their bags. Curious, did you take only newborn outfits or did you take some that were 0-3? I am a little afraid that he may be bigger than the newborn size (even though I doubt it) and I guess I am just being paranoid.

    1. I only packed newborn...Liam was 7 12 at birth, and still is way too small for 0-3 month stuff.... I mean, he could wear it (sometimes we put 0-3 mo pj's on him...) but he swims in them. I think that even if you had a 9 pound baby, he'd still fit in a lot of NB clothes. BUT maybe just pack one 0-3 month outfit if it will make you feel better. It's crazy how much in here I did not need at the hospital at all, but you could not have talked me out of bringing it. Things to DEFINITELY not leave out (in my opinion) several flannel receiving blankets (esp if it will be cold when you leave the hospital)...they are perfect to snug around him in the carseat. Lanolin if you'll be nursing...my nipples felt like they would fall off those first few days. fo real. And don't forget the boppy, it really really helps when you're learning to breastfeed at first!!

  7. Just reading over this as I get ready to pack my bag and maddies, I'm almost 34 weeks and so glad u wrote this. Did u use everything? Anything u didn't pack that u needed? And did the hospital supply some of what u brought?