Tuesday, December 4, 2012

7 Weeks of Liam

Little L:
I am sitting here watching you nap sweetly in your swing across the room. 
FINALLY you're taking a substantial nap! These past few days, you've been fighting daytime sleep. You just want to be looking around at everything...it's like if you close your eyes you'll miss something. You're going to be a curious one!
We are doing pretty good at nailing down a schedule. You've been going to bed at nearly the same time (about 9) and waking up at around 7 am every day. 
Except yesterday...you didn't want to go to sleep, and stayed up with mama burning the midnight oil, (and my midnight, I mean 10 pm) You kept smiling away...and spitting out your paci ten thousand times. Just a few cute things that guarantee you'll be smothered in more kisses than you can stand. 
Speaking of smiling...you're smiling SO MUCH lately! Daddy gets the best smiles right now,  but I've gotten some really sweet smiles late at night when it's just me and you. 
I love to see you happy! If I could wave a magic wand and make you happy every second of every day, I'd do it!
You are doing really good at holding up that head. You can only go a few seconds, but you never give up! You want so badly to see what's going on around you.
Soon we are going to transition into your crib. Right now you don't want a thing to do with it, but hopefully that will change.
As much as I'd like to keep you close,  I know that you can't sleep within arm's reach forever.
However, even though you'll be farther away from me physically, you'll always be the treasure of my heart!!

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