Tuesday, December 11, 2012

8 weeks of Liam

My Little Liam:
MAN! I feel like I blinked and nearly two months passed by! I just looked at pictures from the day you were born and your first month...and zoiks, you've changed so much. I don't see the day to day changes as much as everyone else because, well, I see you every day. But looking back at those pictures, it's like you're a whole new boy!
You're smiling so much now. You've been smiling for several weeks, (geez, we even got small smiles out of you when you were brand new!) but these days, your smiles are so much bigger! When we engage you, you often respond with a big smile and a coo, like you're trying to have a conversation with us. 
You are eating like a champ and sleeping like a champ...you've really made this whole transition such an easy one for me!!
You don't cry a whole lot, but when you're unhappy about something, you are SURE to let us know! You especially don't like to be put down when you're hungry and about to eat, nor do you want any delay in being fed!
This week you went to get your first picture with Santa! Even though we plan on telling you that Santa isn't real from the very beginning, I still feel like it's part of the magic and tradition of Christmas...not to mention, you looked pretty cute in your own Santa hat!
 Cutest santa there ever was, I'm quite sure of it!

P.S. Today you had your two month check-up and MAN was I nervous about the SHOTS! When we walked into the immunization room, my heart started beating a mile a minute... you got three pokes. Your face got as red as Santa's suit and you screamed your head off for about 30 seconds...and that was it! No real tears even! ...I shed more of those than you did! Daddy cuddled you for a minute, and then you nursed and went to sleep. 
Such a big, strong boy. 
My Liam. 

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