Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two Month Favorites for Baby

Time is whizzing by.
I feel like I don't even want to blink or I'll miss something!!

Here are some things that have helped us through life with a newborn this month.

1. Ahhh. The white noise. Have you read Happiest Baby on the Block?
 If not, you should! (Or watch the DVD! Yes...there's a DVD. They must have realized that new moms have pretty much zero time to read.) I actually 'picked' through the book...I read the first few chapters, and then skimmed here and there. Anywho, he talks about different ways to calm a crying baby through the '5 S's', one of which is 'Shushing'...or white noise.
IT WORKS WONDERS!! Of course, we have our giraffe that Liam still sleeps with every nap, at night, and we pretty much take everywhere, but sometimes Mr. G. just isn't loud enough! So we both got a 'White Noise' app on our phones. If Liam is ever upset about anything, we just turn on some white noise and put it near his head (not too loud, and not too close to the ears. Remember, a baby's hearing is much better than ours). He calms right down.
 There are tons of free white noise apps in the app store.
2. We got this Fisher Price 'Infant to Toddler Rocker' as a gift from some friends. (They got it at Target). It's come in very handy! It's super lightweight, so I can take it into any room of the house and carry it up my stairs pretty easily. I've taken it into the kitchen several times when he's been fussy and just let him watch me cook. He loves the little dangle toys, and one of them even plays music. The vibrations are a big help with fussiness, too. All-in-all this handy little chair will keep him temporarity entertained, while allowing mama to get things done as well! Win/Win!
3. Ok. Last month I did my soapbox speech on my favorite wipes. Now it's time for diapers. 
Let me point out...we have tried nearly every brand of diaper there is. Not only did I start buying diapers when I was 16 weeks pregnant, but we had a 'diaper raffle' at our shower. (BEST. IDEA. EVER.) We haven't purchased a single diaper since Liam's birth, and have at least 5 months worth stocked up still. My favorite diapers, by far, are Pampers Swaddlers. (Thankfully, that's what I started buying from the beginning, and that's what we have the most of)
If you know me, you know I love a good bargain! I shop the clearance section, coupon, and will usually opt for the cheaper option of almost anything. Not diapers. Do not cheap out on diapers. Your wardrobe...and your baby's wardrobe...will thank you for it.
For a few days, Liam was having diaper blowouts...I'm talking, shit-up-the back, complete outfit change blowouts. And it was weird, because he never had first I thought that maybe he was sick or something...then I realized. The caca was only coming out when we were using Luvs. We got one pack of Luvs at our shower, and once that pack ran out, I've not seen another blowout. Pampers swaddlers are nice and tight, and GEEZ what on earth would I do without that little blue wetness indicator?! (Insert choir singing in the background here). Then I'd actually have to check his diaper to see if it was wet, kind of like a caveman. 
Who wants that?!
4. Another thing I got a ton of at my shower was bath product. Lotions, washes, etc., and Johnson's Bedtime Bath was what I got the most of. This stuff is amazing! It's meant to calm your baby and help him sleep better. Liam is always very, very calm in the bath and calm and happy right after, as well. 
It also smells superbulously yummy, and makes you want to cuddle your babe even more than you already did! It comes in lotion, moisture wash, baby oil,...pretty much every 'bath' product you can get for baby comes in this scent.
5. Ok, Ok. I know I already used Babywise in my post last month, but at that point. I hadn't really started implementing the suggestions. YOU GUYS. If you haven't at least skimmed through this book, get it now and do so!
I mean it.
In the book it says that 90% of babies that follow the sleep training they suggest are sleeping through the night by 8 weeks. 
Two days before he turned 8 weeks, Liam slept 8 straight hours, and has slept about that long every night since!
Sleep training actually works!!
Does it take dedication on your part? Yes! Definitely! And you may have a fussy, resistant baby at first...but trust me. Your body, and the bags under your eyes, and your husband will thank you for it!
6. Liam really isn't a super-huge fan of paci's, and we've tried almost every brand. Nuk is the only one that he'll really keep in, even if it's for a short amount of time. He still doesn't love taking one, and lots of times he won't. I'm kind of glad, because it means I won't have to wean him later. Every once in a while, though, a pacifier comes in very very handy & has the potential to be your best it's good to know which one your baby likes the best!
7. We use an activity gym like this almost every day. Liam loves to lay on it and just look up at the toys, plus it's great for tummy time! The one we have (Fisher-Price brand) also has a little toy that plays music. The good thing about most play gyms is that you can add other little dangle toys onto the loops (or even take some off if you like). 

Coming soon...
My favorite 'mommy' beauty products!


  1. We have started trying to do the sleep training, but are having a difficult time keeping him awake after feedings and getting him to fall asleep on his own. Any advice on how you did it?

    1. Hey-
      We had a hard time at first, too...sleepy baby! I definitely try not to feed him swaddled...My lac consultant told us... 'A swaddled baby is a sleepy baby, not a hungry baby!'If he's falling asleep while he's actually feeding, try to get him uncomfortable--take his socks off, no blankets, etc. I mean, not TOO uncomfortable, but just small things.
      I also change Liam's diaper right after he feeds instead of before. Diaper changes usually ensure he'll be wide awake.
      After that, play with him! Get toys that make noise, do tummy time, talk to him, etc. Your 'wake time' right after a feed will increase every time...if he's only staying awake for 20 minutes or so at first, I'd say that's ok, just maybe try to increase it each day.
      As far as falling asleep on his own, Liam only does this sometimes...Have you read Happiest Baby on the Block? For us, the important thing is making sure he isn't fussing when we put him down (easier said than done right!!). He always gets swaddled before going down for a nap, and I try rocking him a little if he's fussing. Paci if necessary, and he always sleeps with white noise. We definitely try the '5 S's' from Happiest Baby.