Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 month favorites

Whelp...Another one bites the dust! Three months into 'parenting' and I'm one more month wiser, with an infinite amount still to learn. 
Here are some of the things that helped us out this month!

1. My iPad. Liam is in a stage right now (and has been for several weeks) where he gets bored. with. EVERYTHING. He'll only tolerate doing one thing for maybe 15-20 increments. He wants to be entertained (or held) a lot of the time. I've been able to set my iPad up in front of him with a fun app or Baby Einstein video to keep him entertained while I get dressed or just need my hands free for a short amount of time. This is definitely something I do infrequently. I don't want to make a habit out of having videos entertain him, but it is a nice resource every once in a while!

2.  The 'Fisher Price Apptivity Black & White' app has been of enormously good use to us this month! It basically just flashes simple black & white images, (like the one pictured here) in animated form, across the screen, set to music if you wish. The contrast of black on white is said to be very attractive to babies this age, as they are the most visible. When we play this app for Liam, it mesmerizes him! We had several long plane flights this past month, and even though he slept and was calm most of them, we used this app several times to help us out. It's available for both iPad and iPhone.
What are your favorite baby apps? I'm always on the hunt!

3. This month we've started towards a whole new world....the world of BABY TOYS!! This Bright Starts Elephant Toy was actually the first toy I noticed that caught Liam's attention. I can't tell you how many times we held it over his head and just shook and shook and shook it. It's got all sorts of rattles/noise makers/bright colorful thing-a-ma-jigs hanging from the feet. Perfect for distracting baby from whatever is ailing him. 

4. Another fun thing for distracting/keeping Liam entertained. This Skip Hop Owl toy was actually a gift from a friend right after Liam was born, but it's just now started to get some good use. One of the wings has a mirror on it (I've quickly learned that Liam LOVES mirrors!) and one of them has that loud crinkly material on the inside. The main body of the owl has a tinkly noise maker bell of some sort, and the colors/patterns on this thing are awesome! I can't really say 'he loves it' yet, because obviously we're the ones playing with his toys, not him...but I'm sure he does love at least seeing it, and will be grabbing it himself very soon!

5. Our video monitor--This is one of those things that, in my opinion you don't absolutely need, but it does offer peace of mind. This also depends on how big your house is-- if you've got a small apartment and/or you will be sharing a room with baby indefinitely, you might not need one. We live in a two-story house, and a monitor is perfect for those times I'm downstairs and Liam is Up. I just got this inexpensive Summer Infant Monitor. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a monitor, especially since Liam was/is sleeping in our room, but I also wanted one that wouldn't fall apart on me. I read lots of reviews, and this one got great marks for the price. Liam is still sleeping next to our bed at night, but napping in his crib during the day a lot. It's nice to be able to just turn the monitor on and see that he's doing ok. Just don't spend your baby's entire naptime starting at the monitor to make sure he's still breathing. What, you've never done that?? OH....me neither...

6. We have been using this bathtub since Liam was born. A tub is another one of those things you really don't need to spend a fortune on, mainly because they'll use it for such a short time. This one he'll probably be in only a month or so longer, until he can sit up on his own. This was especially helpful when we went to visit family this past month--my mother-in-law bought a second one for us to use while we were at her house. It's perfect to prop him up in & folds up super small to fit in almost any closet (I hate clutter in my bathroom/anything that takes up too much space...this is perfect for any other clutter-haters out there).

That's all for now!! What are your favorite things for this stage?

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  1. awww man i wish i would have seen that bathtub when I was preggers :l It's so cute!