Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 weeks of Liam

Happy 15 weeks handsome mister!

Hey Sweet Boy--

This week has been interesting, (as all of our weeks usually are!). It included a trip the the ER & a funny story we'll be able to tell forever. Thankfully you're happy & healthy as always.
However, the ER trip really threw off our sleeping schedule! We were there til after 1 a.m., and of course, you were awake the whole time, smiling at the Dr. So you haven't been wanting to go to bed until late, and sleeping in until late as well! You'd think I'd LOVE this, and I haven't been minding it terribly, but I just want you to be on a schedule that gets our day started a little earlier.
Tonight I finally think I got you back to normal...9:40 and you've been snoozing, so we shall see....

You're almost rolling over!  And by almost I mean...You roll to your side and then just lay there. Your dad saw you try to go further, but it scared you and you stopped. You will when you're ready. 
I think your favorite part of your day is seeing your daddy. When he gets home from work, you light up like a little glow worm. They're definitely some of my favorite smiles EVER!

Some other of my favorite smiles: When you see yourself in the mirror! I don't know if you're realizing it's you yet, but you look yourself right in the eye and SMILE giant smiles.

Our ER trip really got me to thinking about how thankful we are to have such a healthy boy.  We are blessed beyond measure in that we haven't had anything to really worry about yet.
You're our little treasure and it goes without saying that we don't want anything to happen to you ever!

your mama


  1. Your little Liam is such a doll!! Love his overalls too. I'm glad everything was okay at the ER and I hear ya on being so very thankful for having a healthy baby!! So much to be thankful for!

    1. hi Emily, Thanks!! So is Owen. (I LOVE the name owen!)