Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries: Baby Edition

Since Liam gets so many compliments on how well-dressed he is, and I often get asked where I got this or that, I've decided to do a weekly post on where his outfits came from!
This week, I washed a HUGE load of brand-new three-month clothes that have been hanging in his closet since he was born. He's graduated up a size, so I had ample cute things to choose from!
(I'll try to post links to things I can find online...but a lot of things I buy from the clearance section or at an outlet store, so it may not be available anymore! I shop second-hand a lot, too!)

Ok, starting with last Saturday:
Onesie: BabyGap
Striped Pants: H&M
(H&M doesn't offer shopping online. WHY, I have no clue, because if they did they'd make a crap-ton of money from me, since we don't have one anywhere that I could possibly drive to. But they do have a website that shows what awesomely cute clothes they have. Here are some similar pants....)
I didn't get a very good picture of the adorable onesie, so here's one from a while ago...

Long-sleeve Onesie: Target
Jeggings: Children's Place
(YES, ok, I got the Jeggings from the girls' section! But you nobody would have known if I hadn't told you!)

 Shirt: Carter's
Pants: BabyGap
(These are kind of similar...but no way in hell did I pay $48 for them...who does BabyGap think they are charging that much for a FOOT of fabric?! Also, who in the hell buys CASHMERE pants for their BABY who will outgrow them in a MONTH?! 
These are much more reasonable, just a different blue.
I got mine at a consignment shop for 5$. Sorry Liam, no Cashmere for you.)

And just because they're my favorite, Monday night PJ's:
 These are Babies R Us Pj's, but I actually got them from an IG shop. What's an IG shop, you might ask? Well, there are lots of people on Instagram who sell their kids' gently-used clothing that they've outgrown! Kind of like a 'social media yard-sale'. I got this for I think probably less than 5$. If you follow me on IG, go to the people I follow, you'll find tons and tons of shops there! As soon as I get the time, I'm going to start up one myself. Out with the old, in with the new!


Adorable hat: Gymboree
Onesie: Carter's
(Was in this set of onesies)
Overalls: Carter's

Onesie and Overalls: Genuine Kids, Oskosh B'Gosh (Bought at Target)
 The onesie is one of those cute collered ones. Super cute.


Onesie: Carter's 
Jeans: Genuine Kids, Oshkosh B'Gosh

And thanks to a diaper-blowout, we got to wear a second outfit Thursday:
Onesie: Carter's 
(I can't find the plain grey one, but here's some cute crab stuff)
Shorts: BabyGap

Onesie: BabyGap
(Bought from an IG shop for a few bucks, but here's one like it)
Pants: BabyGap
(These pants are my absolute favorite, definitely a staple! You'll probably see them a lot!
Here's some that are similar, just not cords.)
Shoes: Children's Place

And that's all!!
Where's your favorite place to shop for baby clothes?


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  2. So freaking cute! You have inspired me to do some online shopping before the next feeding ;)

  3. I also love shopping second-hand for baby clothes since they outgrow them so fast and go through multiple outfits a day! I've been to Cater Kids and the Goodwill on Kam Highway - are there any other gems that you know of this island?