Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Months Old

Sunday, Liam turned 13 weeks old, and Monday....THREE MONTHS!! My 3-month-old! He's no longer classified as a 'newborn'. I'm both happy and sad about this.... sad that my baby is growing, sad that I'll never get the newborn back, but happy and excited to watch him grow and learn. He is becoming more and more interactive every day, and we get so much joy just watching him discover things every day.

Weight: A little over 14
Height: 24 inches
Clothing size: 3 month, some 3-6 and 6.

Diaper size: Just yesterday we switched up to size 2. I have over a case of 1's left, but he was starting to have blowouts. I was going to try to go through them all, but it was time to switch.

Feeding: He's still 100% breastfed. He eats (about) every 3 hours, with the exception of nighttime, where he'll go a lot longer. I think the past few days he's having maybe a growth spurt or something because he's been eating a bit more frequently during the day. 

Sleep: We switched timezones twice this month, 5 hours both ways, and I was really worried about it...but he's done surprisingly well! He literally adjusted in like, a day! Granted while we were there his bedtime was a few hours later every night, but it worked out. Now that we're back in the swing of things, I start getting him ready for bed about 8:30. We do bathtime, and then I pretty much nurse him until he falls asleep. Sometimes it's 9:15, sometimes it's closer to 10. Then he normally sleeps til 4 or 5 and has a 10-15 minute feeding, and goes right back to sleep til about 7:30.

Milestones: We've seen some major interaction this month! Huge smiles when he sees us first thing in the morning, and he follows us around the room with his eyes now. He's also started to turn in the direction of sound this month. And the talking! He's become a bit of a blabbermouth this month! Just cooing away! He 'talks' himself to sleep almost every night...we say he's 'saying his prayers'. 
He also did something HUGE this month that literally made me squeal with delight--
I noticed him trying to mimick a sound we were making. Thankfully, captured that one on camera too!
(I have to post my disclaimer with this video--the hubby is NOT naked in the tub, he has shorts on!)
I give you my genius baby:

Adventures: So so many this month! Our first plane ride--followed by our second...third..fourth, fifth and sixth. (still working on my 'flying with baby' post!). Liam felt cold weather for the first time, saw some fun Christmas lights, and met a whole bunch of people. A fun-filled month indeed!
 Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without:
Lots of toys/'gear'/noisemakers. Liam is getting SO bored SO easily lately. He wants to constantly be either entertained or held, but he can't quite 'play' with his toys on his own yet. We do a lot of shaking them for him, and then swapping the toy out for something different. He'll go from his playmat to his bumbo to his bounce chair all in 30 minutes. I've just recently learned that if I set his chair up in front of a mirror, he'll entertain himself just long enough so that I can shower, get dressed, and do quick makeup. Babies LOVE mirrors.
What do you do to keep your baby happy/entertained at this age? I'm taking ALL the suggestions I can get!!

Happy 3 months!


  1. Happy 3 months Liam!! I LOVE your videos!

  2. Happy 3 Months little Liam! You are precious and definitely the most fashionable little boy I have ever laid eyes on!

    And congrats Mommy for your insanely adorable little boy!

    Even though, I cannot believe he is already 3 months, but who am I kidding? I cannot wrap my mind around Jaxon being a month and half?!!?!?

    1. Thanks Chica :)
      Everyone says it, but once you have a babe you really realize how FAST it goes!!!
      I always feel like I take too many pictures, but then I look back at them and I'm so glad that I have them.