Thursday, May 16, 2013

7 months old!

Every month that passes is more fun than the last and this one was no exception!

Weight: Around 18 pounds
Height: 26 inches 
Clothing size: 6-9 & 9
Shoe Size: 2, sometimes 3
Diaper size: 3 

Feeding: Liam has so far liked every single food he's tasted, even just plain peas, spinach, carrots. EVERYthing. So I try to keep it pretty diverse. Food has gotten so fun! I've been experimenting with making my own and have been pureeing my heart out! (Baby-food-making post coming soon!)

So this is what the day looks like in terms of food:
Liam wakes up for a really early morning feed a little before 6, and I just pull him into bed and nurse him. He's up for the day a little after 8, and I nurse him again. Then usually 9:30/10ish we do oatmeal mixed with a fruit puree. I use the gerber whole wheat cereal and either a fruit puree I've made myself, mash some bananas, or I'll squeeze in a little bit from a pouch. Typically, I'd say he'll eat at least 4 oz of cereal/fruit mixture.
After his morning nap, he'll nurse again, and then about an hour later, I've just started putting him in his highchair and just giving him a few puffs/torn up turkey/pieces of bread. Just a few small finger foods.
After his afternoon nap, he nurses again (4:30-5ish). Dinner is around 6:30 and normally consists of a mixture of whatever food I have made for him. Zucchini, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Squash, Broccoli, and even pureed Chicken are some of our regulars. The boy can down about 6 oz of pureed food at dinner time. I've just started giving him a few small fingerfoods at dinnertime as well--most goes on the floor or in his chair, but I have seen him actually get a few pieces into his mouth! It's fun watching him learn to feed himself. 

Here is a video of him eating finger foods!!

Sleep: The past month was half-half. The first half was great! Every night he slept straight through, 8:30-5:30, woke to nurse, then back down until about 8.
Then he got a fever from teething and had a rough week :( He was up every few hours wanting to nurse and just wanted mama. Poor guy.
Those few really rough nights, I just put him in the pack & play in our room.
But thankfully I think that's over and we're back to normal. 

Naptimes are still  kinda rough some days. The kid just doesn't like to nap! When I hear people talking about 2 hours naps, I'm like..WTF is that??! HA! I'm really lucky if I get an hour nap out of him, and he almost always cries for at least 10 minutes before he falls asleep. 
I typically just place him in the crib with his lovie and white noise and leave the room.
He always falls asleep's just not always for very long :)
Once in awhile I'll have a fluke day where he'll take a looong nap and I FEEL LIKE I'VE WON THE LOTTO!!!!

Milestones: Learning to crawl has been the big milestone this month. He's been scooting a pulling himself along the floor like crazy. No more leaving him alone for too long! He'll get into the crawling position and crawl a few steps, and then he just goes down to his stomach and pulls himself along!
I didn't put many videos on YouTube this month, but I did on FB. 
You can see one of him trying to crawl Here.

He's also learned to sit himself up this month. He's been sitting alone since about 4 months, but just now has learned to pull himself up from laying down. 

Speaking of pulling up...He's pulled up to a standing position all by himself! Just the first time a  few days ago--we walked into his room and he was completely standing up in his crib! Time to lower that mattress.

Another HUGE milestone--Liam got two teeth! It's crazy how fast it happened....he didn't have any teething symptoms really.....Not at all fussy for the bottom ones. The Dr. pointed out that they were going to come through soon, and 3 days later, there they were!

The top teeth...haven't been so easy. It's crazy that they're already coming in so soon after the bottom teeth broke through. He got a low grade fever at the beginning of the week, was super cranky, would flinch when we touched his gums...poor guy :( We're just waiting for them to make an appearance!

Adventures: We had a super fun month of adventures! Some good friends of ours came to visit from Colorado and they had their son about a month after Liam was born so the boys got to meet for the first time! 
 Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: 
Teething supplies! Seriously. Teething tablets, orajel, and tylenol to bring his fever down.


  1. How is he 7 months old??! Goodness gracious he is so handsome!

  2. wahhhh they are growing up SO fast!