Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

Happy Aloha Friday!

Several People asked me where I got these crochet-type swim cover up pants after I posted a picture on IG--I got mine from TJMaxx! Total score, because I've been looking online and they're really pricey other places! (mine were 16$)
I found these really cute ones from Nordstrom, but the price is REDIC!! I mean, honestly Nordy, 70 bucks for pants with holes? Do I LOOK retarded?
I'd def recommend looking at TJ's/Ross/Target if you want something similar. 
(My shirt here is from TJMaxx, too)

Hat: I mean. Obviously
Overalls: OshKosh
Onesie: IG shop...Can't remember which
Shoes: Local kids consigment shop (Similar)

Hat: Children's Place
Onesie: Carter's
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Even thought they look like, these actually aren't Crocs (I'm far too cheap smart to buy my 7 month old expensive shoes). These shoes were a gift, but they're Circo brand! (Target)

Hat: Old Navy
Rash Guard: Old Navy
Trunks: Old Navy

Hat: ON
Onesie: ON
Shorts: ON (I got these shorts Memorial Day from an Old Navy outlet--can't seem to find any like it on their site. Actually, they had WAY MORE cute stuff at the Old Navy outlet than they do online right now!
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Onesie: Target (Thanks auntie Fe!)
Pants: TCP
Hat: ON
SO glad this hat is back at Old Navy--Liam has def outgrown in. I tried to squeeze it onto his head, and instead of looking cute, it just made his head look fatter...
wait. he's cute either way.....

Onesie: Came in a set with Overalls from Carter's
Shorts: ON
(LOVE these Hawaiian print shorts!)
Shoes: TJMaxx

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