Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

Happy Friday Peeps!
IDK why, but I forgot to take a picture on Saturday again. Probably because we're too busy having fun on the weekends for some silly ole photoshoot!
[that's a lie. there's always time for a photoshoot. I just forgot]
so we start with sunday's cuteness, which also happens to be my favorite outfit of the week!
Aaaand which I also just found out was featured on Mineestyleblog as part of their Fashion Friends for the week!!  Made my day!

Hat: @milesshop on IG, Brand is Janie & Jack (Similar)
Onesie: Handmade
Pants: Gap
Hat: @milesshop on IG, Janie & Jack Brand (Similar)
Onesie: Carter's
Button Down: IG, don't remember the shop. Brand is Hurley.
Jeans: OshKosh (Similar)
Shoes: Babies R Us
Hat: IG, can't remember the shop. Brand is Old Navy.
Romper: A friend bought for us at a consignment store, brand is Gap.
Hat: Gap (Similar)
Onesie: @gently_worn on IG, brand is H&M
Chambray Button Down: Bought at a consignment store from a friend, brand is Gymboree (Similar)
Shorts: @thesuburbaniteshop on IG, brand is Gap (Similar)
Shoes: Ross

Hat: @dapperduds on IG
Onesie: Children's Place
Pants: Old Navy
T-Shirt: Children's Place
Leggings: Gap (Similar)

Shorty after, that shirt had to be changed. 
Lion Onesie: Gap (Similar)


  1. I'm dyinggggg for those gap cut off shorts!!! BUT even on sale they're almost $20 :-O they're sooooo cute! Ugh why are gap clothes soooooo cute BUT so expensive -.-

  2. Oh Liam, how ridiculously adorable and stylish you are!!

  3. This may be a little random, but I think you should make a blog button so I can add it to my blog, please and thank yew.

    Liam gets more handsome with every passing day. But you already knew that ;)

  4. Hi Angie, thanks for stopping by my site! your blog is so cute and your baby boy adorable! I just followed back!