Monday, March 18, 2013

5 month favorites for baby

 Every month I do this, I think...Man it seems like I just did the last one!

This is our high chair. Our dining room has a lot in it already--table, 6 chairs, bookshelf, and it doubles as my sewing room, so my sewing table is in the corner. I didn't want a big high chair taking up extra space, so this is perfect. It straps to a chair in two places--both underneath and around the back of the chair. It has different levels depending on how high you want it. There are no 'crevices' for food to get stuck down in, and the entire thing is plastic (except the straps) so cleaning is super easy. (AND the tray is dishwasher safe if you're lazy busy like me.) Another thing I love about it is that it's really light and portable. You can take it with you to a restaurant and put your child in the booth right next to you rather than using the restaurant's high chair. The seat rings in at less than $30, too! Can't beat that!

2. Bibs galore!!-
 The first time we sat down to give Liam cereal at the beginning of the month, Keith actually said, 'he doesn't need a bib!' well... good thing one of us has some sense. Your baby needs a bib! And with the amount of gunk you'll get on them, chances are you'll need a pile of bibs when they start eating every day. At first, when it's just pureed foods, a simple cloth bib will do. If you want some cute ones, you  can either make them yourself (if you sew, tutorial here) or Etsy has gobs upon gobs. This shop has a bunch of cute ones. You can find inexpensive fabric bibs just about anywhere.

Once you start spoon feeding, you definitely want some soft-tipped spoons to protect little gums. I got a pack of these at Target for a couple bucks. I love that it came with so many--it means I almost always have a clean one for next time. I also really like how long the handle is, and I feel like the basin of the spoon is the perfect depth--not too shallow to where you can't get any food on the spoon! The bright colors are great, too.

 This is such fun toy! It has tons & tons of bright colors for your baby to look at, and many different fabric textures for them to feel. Several spots have the crinkly stuff that Liam really loves. I like that it has a mirror, too...can't get enough mirrors. It has a plastic piece for teething, and a little cloth handle with velcro if you want to hook it on to something. 

Even though Liam isn't teething yet, I feel like this is one of our 'toys' that gets the most use. It has tons of tiny beads with different textures & colors that are fun to look at, and it's small enough for him to grasp easily and chew on easily. Another huge plus is that it's the perfect size for me to throw in my diaper bag--I hate toting around huge toys.

Yet another 'toy' that's the perfect size to roll up and put in my purse, and that will keep Liam entertained for awhile. I actually made my own from this tutorial. I used minky fabric for the back--the little dots have great texture and dimension and are super interesting to babies. The ribbons around the outside are fun to look at, feel, and even chew on, and provide lots of different areas for baby to grasp on to. You can find a taggy blanket just about anywhere.

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