Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 months old

Happy 5 months to my studly little L-Pop!

Weight: A little over 17 pounds (he was a little over 16 at his 4 month checkup)
Height: 26 inches 
Clothing size: A few 3 month, but mostly 6 & 6-9
Shoe Size: 2, sometimes 3
Diaper size: 3 
Feeding: We did cereal a few mornings this month, maybe once or twice a week, and avocado a few nights. He threw up after eating avocado on two different occasions, so I decided to hold off on any foods besides breastmilk for a few more weeks. I'm going to try again closer to 6 months.

Sleep: Liam is FINALLY back to sleeping 6-8 hours a night...IN HIS CRIB! The hardest part is the very beginning of the night--he goes down at 9, and almost always wakes up within an hour. I'm working on him learning to self-soothe himself back to sleep, but normally I have to go in and nurse him back to sleep. After that initial wake-up, though, he usually sleeps until 5 or 6, wakes to eat, then goes back to sleep until 9. LOVING IT!

Milestones: Liam started to kind of sit up a little over a month ago, but within the last two weeks, has gotten to where he's sturdy and can go long stretches without falling. He looks sooo cute sitting up!
Adventures: We went to a museum this month, and even though he's far too young to really enjoy it, he was very entertained with people watching and seeing all the different colors, sights & sounds.
 Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Lots of PJ's & lots of patience! It seemed like we went through two pairs of pj's a night a few nights a week due to throw up/diaper blowouts.
See this post for all of our favorite baby items for the month!


  1. He's really starting to look more and more like you!

  2. Angie he seriously gets cuter and cuter on the daily! I love it!!!