Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

It's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday....
 (I had to)


Lately it seems like almost alll Liam's clothes are coming from Instagram shops...I have a problem, really I do. But since I opened up a little shop of my own, (@thedappermister on IG) I never actually pay out of pocket for his clothes. I use the money I make selling his old clothes to buy new ones...Genius right?! 
I normally try to post links for where I got his clothes because people always ask, but a lot of them aren't available in the store anymore because I've bought them second-hand, so I'll try and list the IG shop name I bought them from. 
A little note about Instagram shops in case you're wondering how they work:
Most shops have you leave your PayPal email to claim an item. Each shop has different policies about what they charge for shipping, but most the prices are very fair and still a fraction of what you'd pay in the store.
The shop owner sends you an invoice through PayPal, and then ships your item once you've paid.
I've been buying from IG shops pretty much since Liam has been born, and have never once had any issue with not receiving an item, or any problem with a shop owner being dishonest. It's a great community of moms, and we're bascially all there for the same reason--sell our babes old clothes (and sometimes our own too!) to get some dough for new clothes. 
So if you haven't tried it... Try it!!

Hat: Old Navy
Shirt: Carter's
Shorts: OshKosh

Onesie: Target
Skinnies: Children's Place
Shoes:  @jackandjamieshop on IG

Hat: @gently_worn on IG
Shirt: Same ^
Pants: @hazelandgray on IG

 Here's what the outfit looks like:
@gently_worn on IG
@gently_worn on IG
Hat: @Milesshop on IG
Ramones Shirt: H&M
Yellow Skinnies: @closetdeclaire on IG
Shoes: Converse, sold anywhere that sells Converse!

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  1. I am in LOVE with your child's wardrobe! Sheesh, I thought WE had a ton of clothes. I am loving all of Liam's outfits and how well they all mesh together. I love this feature on the blog.