Thursday, March 7, 2013

20 weeks of Liam

I feel like Liam just doesn't change as much every week as he did in the very beginning, so I think I'm going to slow down on my weekly updates. Plus, at what point do you stop counting age in weeks? 'Yes, my son is 64 weeks old' just sounds a bit funny...
But for now, the cuteness continues.

Well, these last few weeks have been kind of rough for you and for mommy as we've been transitioning you to your crib. You really didn't like it at first, but you've slowly warmed up to the idea and I think are liking it more each day, and sleeping longer stretches in it every night.
We've been slowly introducing avocado into your diet, and it is your new favorite food.
Sadly, we're going to be taking an avocado break, as it's making you a little bit barfy. :( We'll try it again in a few weeks, maybe you'll be more ready then.
You're looking & acting more like a big boy each day! You can pretty much sit up on your own now. You topple over now and then, but overall you've got the balance and stability down. 
You still hate naps & love seeing your dada at the end of the day.
Love you more every day!

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  1. I think 100 is a good week to stop at. "Baby's got 99 problems, but my last weekly update ain't one of them". Too much? Lol. He's is seriously too cute for words! I would just kiss that face every chance I had!