Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

Happy weekend, everyone!
Some cute baby fashion to start it off right!

Last Friday after I did our weekly fashion post, I got a package in the mail from an IG shop, @thesuburbaniteshop, with some ADORABLE little shorts I had ordered. We had a fun Friday night planned, so of course, Mr. Liam had to be changed :)

Top: OshKosh
Shorts: BabyGap, bought from IG Shop @thesuburbaniteshop
Thanks, Rhiannon!
She's also got a super cute blog 
Shoes: Ross find

Top: Carter's
Pants: Carter's

Romper: Given to us from a friend
The brand is chaps

Overalls: OshKosh
Onesie: Gerber Brand
Hat: Janie & Jack
Socks: Gap

Onesie: Gap
Button Down: Gap
Shorts: (I love them so much we had to wear them twice in one week!)

Onesie: OshKosh
Shorts: OshKosh
Onesie, Button Down, & Shorts all from Carter's

And Friday:

T-Shirt: OshKosh
Jeans: OshKosh
Shoes: Old Navy

Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!!

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  1. He has some serious swag!! If I ever have a boy, I'll be consulting you for wardrobe ideas lol.