Wednesday, February 20, 2013

4 months old

Happy 4 months to my dapper little dude!

Weight: About 17/18 pounds
Height: 25 inches 
Clothing size: We're outgrowing most 3 month clothes. :( Almost every day I put something on him thinking it will still fit...Now we're in mostly 3-6 and 6 months.

Shoe Size: 2

Diaper size: We switched to 2 a month ago, but it's already almost time to go up to 3!

Feeding: Since birth, Liam hasn't really tasted anything except mama's milk...Until now!!! We reached an exciting, exciting milestone this month....Oatmeal! Just a few days ago, he tried Gerber Stage 1 Oatmeal for the first time and (surprisingly) loved it. I have heard a lot of mamas say their babies didn't like rice cereal, so we just did the oatmeal instead. I've been giving him just a few tablespoons of it mixed with breastmilk every morning, and he's eaten all of it almost every time. We'll be at mac & cheese before we know it!

Sleep: This month we've gone through sleep regression hell. Perhaps it's because I've been spoiled up until now with a pretty good sleeper....sleep was NOT happening this month. From doing a lot of research and talking to other moms, I've learned that a lot of babies go through sleep regression around this age....and we were not exempt from that. Liam used to sleep at least 6 hours straight, often the beginning of the month he started waking up EVERY.2.HOURS. He hadn't done that since our first week home from the hospital. He's still sleeping next to my bed, and thankfully for us all, he will nurse for 15 minutes and go right back to sleep. Happily for us all, he's slowly getting back to normal.

Milestones: This was a fun month for milestones! Liam rolled over--Belly to Back. Only once, though..haven't seen it again just yet. Had our first cereal, too...THAT was a fun day for mommy. I was probably way too excited :)

Adventures: We had lots of beach trips this month, and learned that Liam is very happy & content when he's out & about seeing the sights!
 Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without:
Our umbrella stroller! We've always used our big stroller that the infant seat connects too, but I found a nice umbrella stroller and we've been using it a lot. So light & so much more convenient, especially when you go anywhere that you'll have to squeeze through relatively small spaces.
See this post for all of our favorite things of the month!

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