Saturday, February 16, 2013

4 month favorites for baby

Happy 4 months, Liam!
Here are our favorite things for the month.

1. Wee Gallery Art Cards-
LOVE these! They are little cardboard flash cards with different images of animals printed all in black & white. The high-contrast is really attractive to babies. Liam is absolutely mesmerized when I pull them out. Each card is laminated, 5x7, and has rounded corners. Liam actually grabs them out of my hand and (obviously) trys to put them in his mouth, so the rounded corners are great. One side has black on white, the other side has white on black. Each set has 6 cards. Definitely worth the 13 bucks!

Another LOVE. One of my favorite items we've gotten. I learned around 2 months that Liam loved mirrors (I think all babies love mirrors) and then I discovered this toy. What I love is that you can either set it up on the ground, pack & play, etc., and also hang it from the carseat/stroller. Looking in the mirror really keeps Liam entertained. (Obviously the mirror isn't actual glass) It's also got a little rattle and squeaker toy hanging from the sides, and a few other elements for baby to play with. I really love the colors, too. :)

3. Bumbo-
The Bumbo seat has been very convenient to have. It's perfect to just prop Liam up quickly while I get things done. These were actually recalled recently and straps were installed, but I still don't think it's very safe to leave your child in this seat on any type of elevated furniture. If I have Liam in the seat and leave the room, I make sure he's on the floor. 

You guys, these are awesome! I saw some on H&M's website, but they don't sell online, so I ended up just making my own from this tutorial. You can find them all over Etsy as well. I hate covering up a cute outfit with a bib, but Liam has been drooling like crazy lately, and this was the perfect solution. They're cute, stylish, and catch the drool all at the same time. 

Liam obviously isn't eating any solid foods yet, but Keith had the idea to put an ice cube in this one night to soothe Liam's sore teething gums. Worked wonders! He loved it and settled down right away. It's a bit messy--melts everywhere, but at least it's just water, and the drool bibs can get some good use.

Who doesn't love Sophie?! I'd heard so many good things from other moms that when Liam really started gnawing on stuff, I got him one. It's perfect for teething babes because she has so many little parts for little mouths too. Plus, she squeeks and is really cute to boot!

I hang these on everything! A pack comes with 24 plastic links in different colors and textures, perfect for sensory development.  They are perfect for attaching toys to a carseat, stroller, swing, pack & play, etc. Really anywhere! Perfect for teething, too!
(Sidenote--I actually try not to hang many toys from Liam's carseat, because I've heard stories of car accidents where toys can fly off and hit baby in the face)


  1. We loved all of these, except I've never seen the bib scarves?! Those are awesome!

  2. I agree about the bib scarves!! I hate that Carter is wearing a super cute outfit and I have to cover it up with a lameeeeee bib! I'm going to H&M this week!