Monday, February 11, 2013

17 weeks.

This week has had its ups and downs! You're still kind of in that 4-month sleep regression, and waking up 2-3 times a night. It's been tapering down, though, last week it was even more often!
I can't WAIT for you to become the good sleeper you used to be! Mama needs it, & I'm sure you do, too!
I can tell it's exhausting you, because today you took a 2-hour nap. You NEVER take long naps! I was very thankful for it. 
You've been smiling at mama a lot lot this week. Every time I reach down to pick you up from whatever it is you're laying in, you get a big grin & start to kick your feet in excitement. I. Love. It.
You started chewing your tongue! Cutest thing I've ever seen! Just chewing on it like it's a piece of gum...
Oh, the discoveries you're making! So fun to watch!
You are getting heavier & heavier by the day...& harder & harder for me to carry! Nearly 17 pounds now...
Later this week, you're going to try cereal for the first time....I can't wait!!
You, my boy, are such great fun. You add so much spice to my life. :)


  1. It is NOT possible that he's already almost too big for this blanket! Why do they grow so fast!?! He's so adorable though, Angie! Hope he starts sleeping better soon! The 4 month sleep regression is the worrrrssst. xo*

    1. I KNOW!! HE ISSSSS!! feet popping off the end and everything! :(

  2. He is just tooooooo precious. I never get tired of seeing his sweet little face on my blog feed. It's hard to fathom him already being 17 weeks?!?! Whoa! We have that same onesie, LOVE IT! I saw it and couldn't pass it up (like a lot of other things in Target, sheesh!) He gets cuter every single day. You are one lucky mama!