Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

'ELLO! (Said in a British accent)
Happy Friday!

I've been doing some prioritizing in my life lately, and the good old bloggity blog isn't on the top of my priorities list, but I'm tryin to get a few posts in here and there. 

I skipped FFD last week, so this week I'm throwin in some outfits from the past few weeks. :)

Similar Beatles shirt here
Jeans: I can't find colored jeans on sale right now, but here are some red jean shorts
(I always find great prices on Converse at the outlet store!)

I can't find this exact outfit, but Target has tons of Harajuku mini here. 

I can't find any of Babies R Us' swimwear online, but these trunks are Heidi Klum's brand and the rash guard is just the generic Babies R Us brand. 

Most of this outfit was older/thrifted/bought last season, but check out these red overalls from Gap...CUTE!

I have found that it can be difficult to find cute swimwear for boys! :/ 
There are cute little girl bathing suits everywhere, but it's more slim pickins for the fellas.
However, with that being said, I'm really loving the boy swim selection over at Gap and Oshkosh right now!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the Beatles outfit!! :)

  2. Pretty sure that I would love to raid your closet, well Liam's closet for Jaxon. You have the cutest outfits and Liam models them so well. I am loving the Harajuku brand stuff. They have always had such cute little girl stuff that I splurge on for Madelyn. I never thought to look into their boy attire. I think you may have very well inspired me, maybe tomorrow. I haven't been to our target in MONTHS! Slacker?! I think so. Anyways, little Liam is as handsome and gentleman like as ever. Happy Friday!


    1. They always have a larger selection for girls (as does every other store, not fair right?!) but there are definitely some gems in the boys section of Harajuku! I feel like finding a cute outfit for a boy sometimes is like finding a diamond in the can be hard to find but it IS out there!

  3. Your kid is seriously the most stylin' baby ever in the world. Sometimes I wish Noah was younger so we could get all Liams hand me downs! Love you guys!