Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

Man I have NOT had time to blog lately! 
But it's Friday, and I [MAYbe] have 15 minutes. And Liam had SOOO many cute outfits this week :)

[Edit...15 minutes later...Liam is crying in his crib and I have to get him ready for a Dr's appt., so no time to link anything. If you have questions, just ask!]

Hat: Old Navy
Onesie: Old Navy
Bandana Bib: Handmade, available at my IG shop, @thedappermister

Hat: Old Navy
Onesie: Koala Kids Brand
Suspender Shorts: H&M

Hat: Children's Place
Shirt: H&M
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy (technically 'girls jeans'...shhhhh)
Shoes: Local kids consignment shop

Hat: Old Navy
Bandana Bib: Same as above
Button Shirt: H&M
Chambray Pants/Shorts: Old Navy
Converse: Anywhere that sells Converse!
(Side note-- I see a lot of people selling old Converse on IG.... Well, honestly, I actually find them a lot of times at the outlet Converse store for about the same price!)

Onesie & Pants--Handmade by me
Onesie for sale on at my IG shop--I'll be adding the pants there soon!

Have a great weekend guys!!

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