Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Monthly Beauty Faves

Happy April!
 Here are my favorite beauty products for this month. Most of these aren't 'new' to me--I've been using them for awhile, but they just happened to make my 'favorites' list this month.
Read on to discover why I chose to share them!


1. Sensationail Home Gel Manicure Set
If you've ever had a gel mani or pedi, you know how wonderful they are. They last for weeks! I saw this home gel kit at WalMart last summer and debated on it for a while since it's a little pricey, but I'm so glad I bought it! One Gel manicure in a salon is about the same price as buying this kit, and the kit will get you at least 10 mani/pedis. It comes with everything you need--base & top coat, primer, the LED lamp, and one color of nail polish. Other colors are sold separately for 10$ each.
The kit is super easy to use, with easy-to-understand instructions. One manicure will take you about 20-30 minutes. Mine lasted me about a week because I pick at my nails a lot, but if you don't, it'll last even longer.

2. NYC 24 Hour Lip Stain
Favorite thing about this is the price. It's suuuper cheap!  I got mine for about $3 from WalMart. Second favorite thing: the color stays on FOREVER. The first one I bought was one of he darker colors. I wore it one day and didn't really wipe my lips at the end of the lips were still colored the next day! One of the cons of this stain is that it's really dry--it basically feels like you're drawing on your lips with a sharpie, and dries that way too, but once it dries, I put on my favorite yummy chapstick or lipgloss and I'm good to go!

3. Vaseline
 I use Vaseline for so many different things! I actually always keep a tub on my nightstand. I use it nightly on my lips as chapstick and as a cuticle softener. It works great to soften cracked heels, too--just slather it liberally all over your feet and sleep with your socks on. It works great on dry skin anywhere on your body really--I've even used it on my face!

This has always been my facial moisturizer of choice. It's thick and is lightly scented. It's not greasy, and absorbs into my skin very quickly. It's very affordable, and a tub will last me about 6 months.

5. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Line 
I love everything in the B&B Aromatherapy line, but 'Sleep' in the Lavender-Vanilla and 'Stress-Relief' in Eucalyptus-Spearmint are my favorites. They really are like therapy! I have the body wash in both scents (& sometimes use them as bubble bath) and the little bath crystals. Definitely makes for a relaxing bath!

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