Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fashion Diaries

Happy Friday you guys! I hope you've had a fantastic week!

Bandana Bib: Made by me
(I'm working on a second Etsy shop for the boy's items I make, but for now I do sell these on Instagram @thedappermister!)
 Shirt: Gymboree (Similar)
Leggings: Garanimals Brand (WalMart)
Shoes: Gap Online (Similar)
Rash Guard: Bought from @gently_worn on IG, the brand is 'Little 77 for American Eagle'
Swim Trunks: 'Koala Kids' Brand

Plaid Shirt- Old Navy
Striped Onesie- American Apparel
(If you have a Gap Outlet near you, I found a very similar striped onesie for about 6$!)
Shorts- H&M
Converse Shoes
Tank Onesie-H&M
Plaid Shirt- Carters (Similar)
Yellow Cords- Gap (similar)
(side note! If anyone has these yellow cords from Gap in 3-6 month or larger and are willing to part with them, I will buy them from you!! We have officially outgrown ours, and they are my all-time favorites! And yes...I already have the jean version from Gap in a bigger size, but I love the cords!)
Shoes- TJMaxx
Bandana Bib- Made by me
Onesie-Made by me
Moccs- @larnk on IG or find them in her Etsy Shop.

Swim Trunks/Rash Guard Set- Carters
Hat- Gymboree

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  1. Oh my goodness your little man is SO CUTE!!! LOVE his outfits and his beach pics. I was able to take my 9-month-old little guy to the beach for the first time a month ago and miss it so much!!