Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Half A Year Pregnant!

This week I turned 6 months pregnant! That means I've been pregnant for ...
half a year.
Half a year! DID YOU HEAR ME??
I've been pregnant for half of a year! 
That's a long time!

A lot can be accomplished in half a year....
You could....
*Train a puppy
*Start and finish a few college classes
*Grow your hair several inches
*Learn a language?
(I put the question mark because I'm not really sure if you could do that in 6 months or not...)
*Learn to use Photoshop
*Get in shape!
*Save up enough money for a Hawaiian vacation. (why NO, I'm not dropping any hints, why do you ask??)
*Plan a wedding
*Travel. ANYWHERE! Stay on the beach, stay in a hostels, backpack Europe, Salsa in Rio. 
*Become a professional poker player
*Fall in love
*Form a lasting friendship

That's right, in 6 months, you can grow a baby from the size of a poppyseed to the age of viability.
Most doctors define the 'age of viability' (the earliest age a baby would be likely to survive if it were born) as being at 24 weeks.
(Even though there have been babies to survive as early as 21 weeks... what a miracle!)
Now obviously we want babies in there for as long as possible...
But all this to say, what a difference half a year can make!!

What are you going to do with your next 6 months?

How far along? 24 weeeks!
Total weight gain: Depending on what time I weigh myself...and on which scale... about 20 pounds. 
Maternity clothes? Couldn't live without em'! Though lately, I'm also enjoying just shopping for regular clothes and going up several sizes from what I'd normally have worn. It's cheaper...and cuter! 
Stretch marks? Still none... shew! 
Sleep: No change here, still sleeping well and sweating bullets in my sleep. 
Best moment this week: Learning to work my sewing machine and making some cuuute little goodies for Liam! 
Miss Anything? Being able to lean over comfortably..
Movement: Every day :) The other night, he actually pushed up on my stomach on one side and it stayed deformed-looking for a few seconds...so cool! 
Food cravings: SPICY pickles. I have had to restrain myself from eating the whole jar in one day. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada 
Gender: It's a boy! 
Labor Signs: Nope  
Symptoms: My belly is feeling soooo tight! 
Belly Button in or out? (Barely) In. 
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody most of the time: BOTH! changes every day, I swear... 
Looking forward to: Planning my shower! My parents just bought tickets out here for August (mom wanted to come for my shower. :) and I'm really excited to get everything together.  
Showing? duh!


  1. you are so cute!! I love that it just looks like you swallowed a cantaloupe :)

    It always seems like we are excited for the next thing, at the same time, first finding out what baby was, and now the shower! :D AFTER that it will be excited for them to be here!

    1. heck yeah girl!!! and then there is the nursery to think about....ahhh so exciting!!

  2. I have to say I love reading your blog posts. You're only a month behind me! And we're having a boy too!

    1. Hi dear!! sooo exciting! What is your due date? It's always wonderfully nice to have other ladies going through it at the same time. I always see you on instagram, too. :)