Tuesday, May 22, 2012

week 20--halfway there!

How far along? 20 weeks--5 whole months!!
Total weight gain: 16 pounds! I finally bought a scale, and I was guessing on my weight gain... I was off a little, I thought it was less. But according to one of my pregnancy apps (yes, I am psycho and I have three on my phone) ... 'Most women have gained 10-18 pounds by this point...' So I guess I'm doing just fine!
Maternity clothes? Indeed. The shorts in this picture are not maternity, but they're also NOT buttoned. Not. Even. Close. So far I've purchased several maternity shirts, and I wear my leggings allll the time. I still need to find some cute maternity skinny jeans and some shorts.
Stretch marks? Halfway through without a stretch mark, let's hope the second half is just as good to me!
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well! I use my body pillow to help me stay on my side through the night. I've found that if I don't, I end up on my back, and if I sleep on my back, I wake up with lots of cramps/pain in my abdomen.
Best moment this week:  Sending out my invites for my gender party and realizing that the date is very quickly approaching. Also... see 'movement'.... 
Miss Anything? I miss... being able to wear a cute tank top without my boobs popping out very inappropriately at the top.
Movement: I FELT MY BABY MOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is one of the coolest things ever!) It was right after I woke up, and I was still laying in bed. It felt nothing like I thought it would...It was verry very obviously my baby kicking. It literally feels like...well.... like something is inside you moving! Sounds kind of gross, but totally not!
Food cravings: mmmm... tuna sandwiches from subway (I can only have one a week :/)......
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Gender:  SATURDAY!
Labor Signs: No way
Symptoms:  Let's see... major, major charlie horses in my legs this week, especially when I first wake up. And my heart will just RACE sometimes, just from walking across the room.
Belly Button in or out? innie still... BUT my belly button is way less deep than it normally is. I think it will poke out here in a month or two.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy :)
Looking forward to: Gender party Saturday! I am finally finding out if I'm having a son or a daughter. Then I can really start shopping for cute clothes and finish planning my nursery.
Showing?: Definitely poking out now.

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  1. Jade--
    My dr. told me that most start feeling movement for the first time b/t 18 & 22 weeks. I don't think it's even possible to feel movement at 13 weeks, the baby is way too small. Maybe those women are just having gas... :)