Friday, August 10, 2012

Maternity photoshoot--31 weeks

This week we got some maternity photos taken! 
The wonderful Katie Baker from Katie B. Photography did them for us and I was seriously blown away by what a fantastic job she did! 
I know that not everyone that reads my blog sees my facebook, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites here as well. (And favorites of these amazing photos were VERY hard to choose, so I may be sharing quite a few!)
I would recommend Katie to ANYONE and everyone I meet. Not only does she charge a ridiculously affordable price, she's super super sweet,  she takes aMAZEing photos (as you'll see)! She's also from Colorado, is a Broncos fan (!!!!) and is having a little boy due just four days after me!!
If you're on Oahu and need a photographer for anything, look her up. :)
or on Facebook, Katie B. Photography.

How Far Along:  31 weeks
Total weight gain: 25 pounds
Maternity clothes? And not much else!

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night!

Best moment this week:
Maternity photo shoot
Miss Anything? I really miss being COMFORTABLE!

Movement: all day, every day!

Food cravings:  Right now I could really go for a nice big thing of onion rings.... I haven't had any in a loong time...but it's 11:49 and I don't know ANYPLACE near here that would have them. Probably for the best....

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still getting a little queasy-ish over coffee/anything hot really. It happens when I have tea, too.

Gender: It's a boy! 

Labor Signs: Nope! But I was talking to my co workers the other day (my boss is also pregnant, and due on the exact same day as me!) and I said, you know, what if I don't realize that I'm having contractions? Or what if my water breaks and I don't realize it? Like, what if it happens in my sleep and I think I've just wet the bed??

HAHA they laughed at me...if only labor could be that easy, eh?
Symptoms:  arrrghhhlllll I'm so uncomfortable like, every second of the day it seems like. It's uncomfortable to sit. Uncomfortable to stand, uncomfortable to lay down. My belly just feels so full and stretched and tight. Thankfully *shew* I've gotten zero stretch marks as of yet, though!

Belly Button in or out? OUT! I can now officially see my belly button through my shirts.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: 

Looking forward to: My parents get here this week, and then my shower next weekend!
Showing? doi!


  1. the last picture on the beach is my FAVORITE!!! Sooooooo cute!! I'm still debating rather or not to do a maternity shoot, and the more I see them the more I love them and want to do one...uggh better get on that asap! AND I too can't wait for the day when I can sit somewhere and be comfortable, and not feel so stuffed and full!

  2. I love your shoot. I havent decided if I want to take along a few clothing items or what... ughhhh, we havent had the baby shower yet so we dont have a lot to chose from, but I was thinking definitely taking maybe a pair of boots that we bought him and possibly the sonogram pictures. I have NO idea what to even expect... a friend of mine (actually my 5th grade teacher) is doing ours, she is really good but she hasnt mentioned any suggestions for me... Eeeeeh. LOVE YOURS!

    1. well what I'd recommend is (obvi) have a 'maternity photos' board on Pinterest. I had several favorites, and my photographer actually printed out some from my board so we could kind of 'recreate' them. Obviously we didn't want to copy them, but she had them there at the shoot with her to really get a feel for the style I was going for.
      I would def take at least two outfits for you, maybe one more fitted and one more flowy, that way you get several in each style. I made my hubbs bring two outfits, too. :) Just go with whatever feels like most 'you'.