Monday, March 12, 2012

A normal day in February

February 3rd, 2012. Started out as any normal Friday morning, except for the fact that Keith was off work. While we were laying in bed trying to decide what to do that day, he made the suggestion that he'd made several times that week:
Why don't you go take your pregnancy test? I sort of groaned inwardly. I did NOT want to take that test. I was only a week late, and there was no way I could be pregnant! I'd only been off the pill two months. It takes a lot longer to get pregnant...right?
I finally gave in and decided to pee on the stick. This is not a private affair, might I add. Keith is standing there the whole time 'supervising'...reading me the directions, making sure the stream of urine hits for the correct amount of time, etc. etc. Yeah...that actually happened.
Then the timer started. I insisted on holding the test for the duration of the time. It was, after all, my pee.
You're supposed to wait like, two minutes or whatever, but for some reason I looked down after 30 seconds and caught my first glimpse of that clear digital display.
Keith hadn't seen it yet, and I walked into the other room staring at the test. When he noticed I'd left (he was pretty focused on that timer!) he came to see where I'd gone to find me in a bit of a trance. I looked at it, and then finally, so did he. We stared at each other for a good 10 seconds before we really reacted.
After we cried (I must admit, my teary-ness was more out of sheer terror than excitement at first) I swear his first words were: I have to call my dad RIGHT NOW!
After convincing him that we at least had to go to the doctor to get a confirmation before we told our whole families, I did give in and let him call his good friend back in Colorado.
As I was getting dressed to go to breakfast, I heard him on the phone in the other room and walked in the find him making me a doctor's appointment for THAT DAY. This is a man that cannot keep a secret to save his life, so I don't think he would have made it to the end of the day either way.
We went to breakfast, called/text a few more close friends, and then went to get a blood test. I had to wait until close of business for the results, so we went home to wait. Finally Mr. Antsy convinced me that we couldn't wait any longer to tell our parents (it's 5 hours later on the east coast than it is in Hawaii) and so I gave in (after taking the second digital pregnancy test we had in the house. Surely it couldn't be wrong twice.)

We called my mom first, and then his parents. (Who I think were a little suspicious at us setting up a spur-of-the-moment skype session). Keith's whole extended family is close, so while we were on Skype with his parents, we of course had to call everyone else.
I definitely wanted to wait at least another month to make a huge announcement on Facebook or anything since I was only about 5 weeks along, so since then we've just kept it to our closest friends and family.
But now the time has finally come for me to start blogging about it and posting a few belly pics that we've taken!
'Announcing' it on Facebook was fun, too. Of course, I had to find a fun, creative way to do it. We recorded our parents' reactions when we told them, and my very talented, creative friend Mallory Sunny put together this cute video:

If you haven't seen it, it's a must-see!

And of course, my lovely 'movie' poster that I put together, that was to make.

I've seen so many cute pregnant/mom blogs, and I am definitely the type of person who wants to keep track of my pregnancy in a creative way. Plus, I love being able to update the people closest to me who are actually very far away. This is a special time in our lives, and I love being able to share  it with all of you!

And so, without further ado, my first 'belly' pic. Obviously, there wasn't much of a belly at 6 weeks, but we took one anyway, kind of just to track where I started out. (This one was from a few weeks ago, as of now, I'm 10 weeks along)
I've had one doctor's appt so far. Just the basic first appointment where they cram you full of paperwork, tell you what you can and can't eat, what classes you can sign up for, and do you have any questions, ma'am? No, I don't have any questions about the 500 pages of material you just gave me. And thank you very much, this will take all 9 months to read! OH! And give you your due date which I'd already figured out on my own and gotten right on the nose: October 6th.

In two more weeks, we'll have our second appointment where we get to hear little baby's heartbeat!
Here is my 10 week belly pic:

Still not a huge difference, it just looks like I've forgotten to work out for the past 10 weeks. Which I haven't, though I admit, my motivation to hit the gym was severely lacking those first few weeks when I was just tired, tired, tired, nauseous, nauseous, nauseous all day long. I'm feeling better these days, and do a lot of walking the dogs and riding my bike around our beautiful neighborhood.

Well, I could go on and on about being pregnant and how (still) terrified I am about being a MOTHER...but I'll leave all that for another post.



  2. Tell our precious grandbaby how much we love him or her and give them sweet kisses from us.....we love all of you.......Mama and Daddy........

  3. awwwwwwwwwwww..... love the photos. 10 weeks. how time flies! I can't believe your pregnant. its so crazy. i know... i keep saying it but its so true! Everyone is growing up and Im still adjusting to it. lol... your going to be the cutest pregnant person. Don't forget to start lathering on that belly lotion. On second thought you've probably already started =) much love from cali! Sunny!

  4. So cute, I love the video!!! I am your newest follower, by the way, can't wait to follow your progress!!

  5. Thank you!! I can't wait either! :) :)