Tuesday, February 7, 2012

hawaiian rainy days

It's Tuesday, and I've already finished nearly everything on my list of things to do this week. Ahh, the perpetual excitement that is my life. And while there are tons of other things I could  be doing, I thought, why not blog? I'm a terrible blogger, and it's been way too long.

Today it rained, basically all day. Sad as it is, I quietly celebrated the rain and my excuse to wear boots, which I NEVER get to wear, even though it's technically the 'dead' of winter to this Coloradan. I never, ever thought I would miss being able to wear winter clothes, but guess what?

Something else I don't have many excuses to do: Leave the house! My job hunt so far has been unsuccessful to say the least. I applied for a design job on Pearl Harbor that I [really reallly realllly] want, but have not heard a peep about it. I was so excited about it, and tried not to get my hopes up, but they were up, so now I'm even more disappointed that I haven't heard anything. Sadly, there are not many design jobs on the island. As much as I'd like to actually work in the field I spent 6 years of my life studying, that just might not be possible right now. So I will continue to hunt and see what my search brings me.

So what, you might ask, do I do with time while I job hunt? I design, of course! I figure I may as well stay polished, so I spend my days creating logos for imaginary companies and designing invitations to imaginary parties. I usually throw in a trip to the gym or a dog-walk, and of course, weekends are reserved for enjoying the island's natural beauty with my hunny.
For now, even though I really wish I had somewhere to go & something to do during the day, I'll try my best to enjoy the time I've got. It seems like life never stays the same for long anyway.

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