Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10 Months Old

Aaand Another One Bites the Dust!

Ten months old means only two months until this little bullet's FIRST birthday, and of course, I'm in full planning party mode!
Venue is booked, invites are about half-way, almost, can't-decide-what-I-like, 'done', and I have a nice vision in my head as far as decor, food, & games. 
I am. SO excited!!

Weight: Maybe about 19 pounds
Height: 28
Clothing size: 6-9 & 9... 12 months for PJ's
Shoe Size: 3
Diaper size: 3 

Feeding:  I've finally started the weaning process!! *Shew*! I have loved breastfeeding---Loved the bonding, the convenience, and have loved not paying for formula...but I am also LOVING the freedom I get now that he's taking a few bottles a day. My goal is for him to be completely weaned by age one. Right now, we are down to two nursing sessions a day--first thing in the morning and then at bedtime. We started weaning slowly. At 9 months, I started him on one bottle a day, and then right at 10, have transitioned his other daytime feedings--usually just one or two--to bottles. Thankfully Liam has taken any formula we've given him no problem.
I may try a little bit of whole milk at 10.5 or 11 months and see how that goes.
Other than that, he still pretty much eats whatever finger foods we give him, but just this month I've noticed him start to have a preference for things. He's been spitting out broccoli, and has been GOBBLING up cheese. He will actually pick cheese out of a pile of foods on his tray and eat it first. yeah...that's cute. :)

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good and routine. We still have a few off nights...Liam's been teething like mad this month so that definitely affects sleep. He usually goes down about 9 and will wake up around 4:30/5. I can typically nurse him right back to sleep, but last night, really randomly he was up until 6 gnawing on his finger. I nursed him three times and he just kept waking up, but he finally went back to sleep until 9:30!
A typical wakeup time for him is 8 / 8:30, but weirdly he's been sleeping in a lot. Same bedtime, but several times over the past few weeks he's slept until 9:30. OF COURSE I slept that late, too...Liam is my alarm clock, and I am not the type of person to wake up early on my own. 
No complaints from me!

Milestones: Three teeth popped up this month, bringing us to seven total! Poor Liam, poor mama! Teething stinks, but they sure are cute! A friend recommended these popsicles to me and I'm sooo glad I got them! They're teeny and 'slow' melt and perrrfect for babies, esp teething babies!
He learned to drink out of a straw this month, and learned to wave (SO cute!) but he still won't really wave at anyone but mommy and daddy. He just looks at them like a deer in the headlights. 
OH! AND shaky head and squinty eyes. He learned to shake his head back and forth and has been really proud of practicing that all day every day, looking like a little Liam bobble head..and he learned to scrunch up his eyes really squinty. ADORable.

He isn't walking yet, and I kept saying I thought it would be soon, but who knows! He walks along furniture all the time, and walks with his walker, and has even stood unassisted for about 15 seconds at a maybe one day soon he'll surprise us all with a few wobbly steps :)


  1. So, I'm totally giving away what we're having by saying this, but can you and Liam please write a book about little boy fashions?! I am always in awe of how cute he looks in your ig pictures!! Seriously mamma, you could/should be a baby stylist.

    P.S. From the videos you've posted, I can guarantee that the little guy will be running around by his 1st birthday--he's so funny!!

  2. I thought for sure Liam was walking! Omg, he will be soon. And then running. Ugh! lol.. I really thought P would be running by now. He will take about 6 steps and then boom. On his bum. And he still can't stand up on his own, like from sitting.. needs to pull himself up on stuff. They are growing TOO fast.. can't believe we'll have ONE year olds.. and yay first birthdays!!