Tuesday, July 3, 2012

week 26. happy independence day!

How far along? 26 weeks
Total weight gain: I think I'm going to stop weighing myself, every week it's more and more! Well, I suppose that's a good thing. Between 21-23 pounds so far.

Maternity clothes? I've been shopping for larger regular clothes instead of maternity lately. I can't find ANY cute maternity pants/shorts.

Sleep: Definitely had some uncomfortable moments this week, thank goodness for my full-body pregnancy pillow!

Best moment this week: Crib came in the mail, thanks Bossy G! As did some other decorations for L's room... I can't wait to put that thing together, I have so many grand ideas.

Miss Anything? Being able to find something cute to wear in a reasonable amount of time.

Movement: CRAZY movement this week! He's been very active. Sometimes I think, doesn't this kid sleep?!

Food cravings: Twizzzzlers. I could eat a pack a day.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope 

Gender: It's a boy! 

Labor Signs: Nope   

Symptoms: Is it just me, or is it REALLY HOT out?? I think maybe it's just me and my unusually large body....

Belly Button in or out? Out-ish

Wedding rings on or off? On (thankfully I haven't had any swelling yet, I read this is about the time some people start to get it)

Happy or Moody most of the time: Always a mix

Looking forward to: Leaving for our vacation on Monday! AHHH! Last trip before Liam!
We are going to Kauai for 4 days and then the Big Island for 3.
Showing? HA! Even when I wear larger clothes and think I just look hefty, people ask about baby.

mama, daddy, & liam


  1. Love your updates! Your style is so cute, too. I'm a few weeks behind you and I already want to stop weighing myself. It's crazy how much weight we can gain!

  2. LOVE the 4th of July UPDATE, and I love that the top picture doesn't look like Hawaii at all, I thought all houses had views of the beach :) dumb i know.