Saturday, October 22, 2011

wherever life takes us.

8 months ago, I got a call from Keith from Afghanistan. I was in the shower, but of course, my phone was right within arm's reach. (If your spouse has ever been deployed, you can relate.) He was calling to tell me some exciting news.... we were moving!
He was given two choices: 
Pearl Harbor, where he would most likely not deploy for a long period of time, or Europe, where he most likely would. Easiest decision ever! I told him to call back right away.... We were moving to Hawaii!!
I was SO EXCITED by tried not to get my hopes too high yet until I actually saw some orders.
He came home a few months later, we got our orders, and then busy-ness set in! First we had leave, and a wonderful road trip to North Carolina. Then we had our wedding, and those of you who've planned a wedding, you know how much it consumes your life! 
Then, we had a ton of logistical move details to take care of, from driving our car to Dallas to setting up our flights to getting eons and eons of doggie import paperwork done. 
All our bags are literally packed. Most are already on their way to the island.

In two days, we'll be there too! I cannot believe how fast 8 months has flown...
Not until this last month have I realized how much I'll truly miss this place. At least 23 years of my life have been spent here! It's my first big move, and as much as I am thrilled to be able to live in a place I've always wanted to visit, I'm sad at the same time. It's bittersweet to think that I may never be a resident of Colorado again...
Not to mention all my wonderful friends, and of course, my whole family who I'll miss so dearly.
Thank God for technology! Just last night, I called my mom on Skype from the car just to show her that she can 'see' me wherever I am if she wants to!

She got me the sweetest present that I'll cherish forever:

The little caption card that came with it says: 'Apart or together, always close to me.' 
How true that is. We're only a phone call, a video conference, or even a plane flight away from all of our loved ones. 

I'm excited for this new adventure in life with my husband! As much as we drive each other crazy some days (More so lately, since we're living out of suitcases!) he is, literally, my future, and I'd follow him anywhere.

The Pope 'Ohana'

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